Justin Trudeau won the Canadian election, but will continue to rule as a minority


Justin Trudeau Won the election CanadaWithout recounting most of the central and western parts of the country, the Liberal Party won 150 of the 338 deputies in the House of Commons, which would lead to Prime Minister To a new minority government.

The latest poll results released before the opening of the polling station showed that the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party are technically at the level of voting intentions: the Liberal Party will receive 31.5% of voters’ support, while the Conservative Party will increase by 31%.

But the particularity of Canada’s electoral system, namely direct elections, actually held 338 elections in the country today. Each electoral district sent a representative to the lower house of parliament, which will allow Trudeau’s liberals to gain more seats. Conservative Party.

Canadian Public Radio CBC predicts that the Liberal Party will receive 155 representatives on Monday, while the Conservative Party will have to be satisfied with 119. Behind will be the Social Democratic Party (NPD), with 32 representatives; and the sovereign Quebec Block (BQ), with 31 parliamentarians. The Green Party will also win a seat.

If these numbers are confirmed, Trudeau’s victory will be bittersweet because he cannot obtain the ideal absolute majority when pushing the election, and will put pressure on his future leadership of the Liberal Party.

Early election

August, Trudeau Decided to hold elections early Only two years after the last election, opinion polls show that the Liberal Party leads the Conservative Party by as much as 10 percentage points.

At the time, most Canadians were in favor of Government’s management of pandemics And the economic crisis caused by disease. After the election, many voters expressed dissatisfaction with the election, and the Liberal Party began to lose support.

During the campaign, Trudeau defended the need for elections so that Canadians could decide what steps to take to escape the Covid-19 crisis.

Opposition parties accused him of calling elections in a health emergency, trying to obtain an absolute majority in the parliament.

But Trudeau Hard to defend the decision And proved that the election will cost more than 600 million Canadian dollars (468 million US dollars), which is the highest cost in the country’s electoral history.

On Monday morning, Trudeau, accompanied by his three children and his wife Sophie Grégoire (Sophie Grégoire), voted in the constituency of the city of Montreal. Almost at the same time, Irene O’Toole He did the same thing at a polling station in Oshawa, about 60 kilometers east of Toronto.

After voting, Trudeau posted a message on his Twitter account encouraging participation, and attached a photo of him voting next to his three children: “I just voted in the 44th election. You should too this way.”

O’Toole also encouraged Canadians to vote on Twitter. “I’m proud to vote today. Please make sure you do the same,” said the leader of the Conservative Party, whose message included a picture of him and his wife Rebecca at the bottom of the ballot box.

Protection measures against Covid-19 have slowed down voting. In cities such as Toronto, long queues have been formed at some polling stations, demanding measures to limit the number of insiders.


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