Justin Thomas reveals if Tiger Woods will try to return to golf


Tiger Woodssports career unknown, but PGA Tour player Justin Thomas spoke in an interview about the future of the historic golfer.

After there has been no news of Woods’ health for several months due to a car accident in which he suffered last February that severely injured his right arm, Thomas, who tries to visit Tiger at least twice a week, agreed with what he was doing. I don’t know if the five-time Masters winner will be able to return to the golf elite.

“I do not know. I mean, I know he’s going to try, ”Thomas said on the No Laying Up podcast. “I don’t see him ever play if he can’t play well. He doesn’t impress me as a guy who played at home, and he shoots a bunch of 75 and 76, and he’s like, ‘Okay, I’ll give August try it this year. In fact, it won’t be him, at least from what I know about him. “

He’s still sarcastic, so nothing has changed there.

Woods’ latest crash isn’t the only one he’s recovering from, as in February, during the crash, he was still recovering from a minor procedure.

Justin Thomas on Tiger: “I know how determined he is”

Therefore, the chances of Tiger returning to the golf course are small, although anything can happen to him.

“He knows there is a pretty good chance that this was the last chance he ever had before to try again, but at the same time, I know how determined he is, and I know that he wants to at least try to give something again, ”Thomas said.

“Obviously, I hope he does it. But at the same time, as I said after the accident, as long as he can be a father and be normal with it again, this is priority # 1, and the rest is a bonus.

“He is still sarcastic, so nothing has changed here, so I’m glad to see that he is still peppy as always,” added Thomas.

In addition, Justin Thomas believes Woods is doing well “all things considered.”

“I mean, it’s Groundhog Day, every day is the same for him. But at least he can – pictures of him went around him at Charlie’s tournament, [his daughter] Sam’s soccer tournaments are here and there. He can be a father again, which is very important, ”added Thomas.

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