Justin Bieber vs. Tom Cruise? Here’s How Floyd Mayweather Jr Offered To Be The Singer’s Promoter


For some time ago, the relationship between Floyd Mayweather Jr. as well as Justin Bieber No wonder the Canadian singer accompanied the former boxer in one of his fights as part of the Money Team.

However, the above doesn’t really go beyond both characters as at the time Mayweather Jr. offered to be a promoter and especially prepare Bieber for an exhibition fight against Tom Cruise.

However, the fight that was scheduled three years ago would not have been in a boxing ring that is widely dominated by the African American gladiator; but in an octagon. And certainly neither of the two celebrities of show business would dare to enter the cage.

Great teacher for Bieber

despues de Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to simulate a UFC fight, Mayweather Jr. didn’t hesitate to help his friend and immediately told TMZ about it.

“I don’t really want to do any business, but if they take me as a promoter, then I can talk about all this. Until then, I must stay where I am, stay in my business, ”said the 2019 ex-world champion.

Tom Cruise, just an advertising problem

There is no problem between the actor, who recently starred in the Top Gun sequel, and the singer. However, in 2019, Bieber launched a tweet challenging the actor, though it was all to keep an eye on the exhibition fight game being played at the time.

Some of these friendly fights were with Logan Paulwho later challenged Justin Bieber to no avail.

Later, Mayweather not only challenged the famous YouTuber who covered his mouth with punches in a fight, but Logan spoke up again, only to denounce that, to this day, he had not been paid guaranteed money for fighting “the best pound for pound.” his generation.

It is worth noting that at the beginning of last year, Bieber again challenged Tom Cruise, joking that they had something planned, but, as happened the first time, did not even answer him.


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