Justin Bieber offers to help Britney Griner return to the US ‘by all means’

THere are many celebrities who have reacted to Britney Griner sentenced to 9 years in prison in a Russian prison for drug possession and smuggling. But perhaps very few offered their help directly, as Justin Bieber you have right, ‘PeachesThe composer often talks about cannabis use in his songs, he is clearly understanding and wants to do something to help.

Unlike other celebrities who simply demand her release, bieber reached out to his Instagram stories to directly offer help in any way possible. While other celebrities would certainly help if they could do anything to bring Britney Griner back to United States. From now on, we will see most of the country rallying to WNBA The star returned to her home.

What did Justin Bieber say about Britney Griner?

Although Justin was a bit cryptic in his post, the singer uploaded the Instagram story with Britney Grinerphoto s and the latest news about her verdict. bieber believes that this is an unfair decision, like most people who express their opinion on this issue. But bieber sends a message to anyone who can do something through his social networks, which boasts an impressive 457 million subscribers.

This is what bieber wrote in his Instagram story: “THIS HURTS. If anyone knows how I can help, please let me know.” We’re not sure how Justin Bieber can help, but at least he’s trying to do something instead of making demands or criticizing the WNBA star.



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