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Who is the real Gregory Chelli, called “Ulcan”? The hearing will be on Thursday, December 2 and Friday, December 3 at 14electronic The punishment room of the Paris Judicial Court gave some key to understanding the lines and motives of law-Israel hackers. “Zionist radicals”, According to his formula, known for his extreme phone pranks, he advertises on his website “Violvocal”.

39 years old, has been exiled to Ashdod near Tel Aviv since 2013 and became the target of another judicial investigation for hacking several French news websites, including freed With French radio, Mr. Chelli did not attend his trial: his lawyer, sir.electronic Cécilia Mouchoux left the room quickly, thinking ” Prosecution quote “Customers from him are” Invalid in form and substance The prosecutors demanded a two-year imprisonment for “Ulcan” and was tried “Malicious phone calls, death threats, and false condemnations constitute facts of crime or misdemeanor”.

“Violent hacker”

Mr. Celli is far from being a theorist or political activist. He is a violent hacker without any logic, typing purely out of hatred for the other party. “, the representative of the prosecution said. Although I remember that he was “protected” By Israel, where “He found refuge”, She asked “International distribution of arrest warrants” Fight against Urkan.The victims of these crimes, allegedly committed between 2014 and 2016, walked to the bar, haggard, still shocked by the aftermath of the hacking and the aftermath of other calls they claimed “Volunteer” Where “Nazi Hunter”.

On this day in November 2014, Alsatian Marc Z. told him in a trembling voice that at the request of the police, he had to take off his clothes on the steps of his house and aimed his weapon at him. The hacker contacted the police, claiming that his cousin, “Tattoo Bald Party”, He just murdered his wife after his wife killed her child with a knife. Urkan chose the wrong target at the time, and a person with the same name paid a heavy price for this malicious scam.

In 2014, the 89th Street News website portrayed hackers and became its target. Ulcan contacted the parents of the author of the article and convinced them that their son was dead

Olivia Zemor, president of the European Palestine Association and activist, was also one of the victims of hackers. She accused her husband of killing her while calling the police. A former member of the Jewish Defense League (LDJ), a small group of young militants, Urkan also ransacked Ms. Zemo’s Palestine bookstore and was sentenced to four months of probation for this atrocities in 2009.

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