Jussie Smollett Chicago Attack: Final verdict declares Smollett guilty


As one of the most surreal events in recent years that involve a celebrity, TV starJussie smollett stood before a jury to be declared guilty of five counts of disorderly conduct. This happened after the trial against him took place to clarify very serious accusations made by the actor. Back in January 2019, a manhunt was underway to find two criminals who allegedly attacked the ‘Empire‘actor who also happens to be gay. In his testimony to the police, Smollett lied by saying these two individuals verbally attacked him with racial and anti-gay slurs. He also stated that they physically assaulted him but everything turned out to be a lie concucted by the actor himself.

After a three-year investigation, this week’s trial against Smollett proved that he didn’t only lie about all thhis taking place but he also paid two brothers to do all of this. Prosecutors found evidence that confirms Smollett paid $ 3,500 to each brother to stage the attack right in front of security cameras. Special prosecutor Dan Webb stated the following on his verdict: “Not only did Mr. Smollett lie to the police and wreak havoc here in the city for weeks on end for no reason whatsoever, but then he compounded the problem by lying under oath to a jury. “

How will Jussie Smollett get punished?

According to the verdict, Jussie smollett has been found guilty of five counts for disorderly conduct and he was acquitted from a sixth charge. In Chicago laws, this is a class 4 felony for which the accussed can serve up to 3 years in prison. However, experts on the case are convinced that the actor will likely get probation and probably be ordered to perform community service. What will most likely be affected will be Smollett‘s professional career as an actor. These cases tend to ostracize them from the public light and get them back listed from the entertainment business.

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