Jury finds La Golosina guilty of murder but exonerates her boyfriend


Madrid, September 28 (EFE).- The young woman known as La Golosina was found guilty, unanimously by the popular jury that tried her, of the murder of 17-year-old minor Denisa Dragan in 2018 in Alcorcón (Madrid), while her then-boyfriend, accused of helping her kill her former companion, was also unanimously acquitted.

Judicial sources appreciated that the jury, which delivered its verdict this afternoon in the Provincial Court of Madrid, unanimously found Rocío MS guilty of the murder and the threats against Denisa, but with the mitigating circumstances of a slight alteration due to a personality disorder, late confession and unjustified delay.

Mario, who was facing a crime of murder as a necessary collaborator in the crime, was instead unanimously acquitted, which surprised the charges and made the young man happy but without making statements to the press.

After the verdict was read, a hearing was held so that the parties could decide on the specific sentence for the accused, in which the prosecution requested Rocío 15 years in prison for the murder and 18 months for the threats; the private prosecution 21 years for the murder and three for threats, and the defense of Rocío eight years in prison for the murder and four months for threats.

Now the Chamber will issue a sentence in accordance with the verdict in which it will specify the sentence for La Golosina and acquit Mario.

Lawyer Marcos García Montes has argued that he will appeal the sentence with the idea that the trial be repeated with another popular jury, not agreeing that Mario is exonerated of the crime, nor that mitigating circumstances are applied to him. Rocio.

The facts judged, for which the Public Prosecutor’s Office initially requested 26 years in prison for Rocío and 20 for her boyfriend, in addition to 150,000 euros in compensation for both the victim’s family, took place on November 25, 2018 in a home in the Madrid city of Alcorcón, after the minor of Romanian origin Denisa Dragan sent a friend request on a social network to Mario TM, who had been her partner before.

Mario’s girlfriend at the time, Rocío MS, known as La Golosina, admitted during the trial that she had stabbed Denisa with a knife she claimed Mario had given her, already opened. He apologized and assured that he didn’t want to kill her, just talk to her.

Rocío blamed Mario, assuring that when she got mad at the messages, he was the one who suggested taking her to Denisa’s so they both could talk, he gave her an open knife before until she got out of the car towards the miner’s house, he waited and when she came back to the vehicle, frightened, they both fled and he got rid of the knife, helped by his family.

For his part, Mario gave a different account of the events, only accepting that he took Rocío to Denisa, after his girlfriend went “crazy” and “into a frenzy” when she saw a suggestion of friendship. from Denisa for him on Instagram.

According to her statement, it was Rocío who told her to take her to Denisa, because if she didn’t she would go anyway because she knew where she lived, and he took her, without thinking that she would hurt him, despite the fact that she sometimes got aggressive and he came to attack her.

From where he parked he didn’t see or hear anything strange, he said, and Rocío came back a few minutes later “angry” and saying “shoot, shoot”, and later she admitted that “she had pierced Denisa in the intestine”, for He spoke about it with his family and recommended that Rocío surrender.


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