Junco, widow of Bernardo Pantoja, defends herself against Isabel Pantoja tooth and nail


If the sea was already troubled among the members of the Pantoja clan, Bernardo’s death has unleashed a new family war. Since Anabel Pantoja’s father passed away, the differences between Junco and the tonadillera have not taken long to come to light. After the controversy and after the accusations that the widow is having to face, she has made the decision to step forward and issue a statement to qualify what is really happening.

In addition to announcing that there will be a funeral mass in honor of her husband on December 20 in the Parish of San Gonzalo de Triana in Seville -and that her in-laws are not invited-, the Japanese woman wanted to throw several hints at the Pantoja clan and deny all the information that they are pouring from Singer about her figure.

Junco at the funeral of Bernardo Pantoja / Gtres

“I have spent more than two decades with my husband Bernardo, he has always been a very special person, not only for me, but for other people. He has never been evil despite the fact that there are people who may think otherwise ”, he began writing. A message in which, after the media commotion created, she has taken the opportunity to ask for “respect” towards your person, because there have been many criticisms that have been poured on it. “I have a legitimate right to express myself clearly and I don’t have to lie about anything. They always taught me that the truth accompanied by reality only has one way ”, she has sentenced.

Junco / Telecinco statement
Junco / Telecinco statement

Likewise, the widow of Bernardo Pantoja has asked all the people who are charging against her to stop doing so: “Nothing will make my path of truth redirect.” Prior to At the end of his statement, he wanted to emphasize the importance that Anabel’s father has had in his life, just like she has in his: “I want to clarify that my name is Junko, and its meaning is pure, authentic and obedient. And that’s how I’ve been together with Bernardo, when we were the best of friends, the best companions, when we were a couple and when we were married until death separated us”. To conclude, Junco wanted to thank all the people who have respected her “figure as a widow”, taking advantage of this last sentence to once again launch a poisoned dart at Anabel, who these days has not hesitated to publicly charge against her father’s wife .

Junco arriving at the funeral of Bernardo Pantoja / Gtres
Junco arriving at the funeral of Bernardo Pantoja / Gtres

break his silence

Just two days ago, the widow wanted to step forward and tell her truth. According to her story, when she met Isabel Pantoja in the hospital, the singer unscrupulously blamed her on the state of health of her brother: “He told me with his finger pointing towards me: ‘You have… how Bernardo is doing is your fault'”.

Junco and Bernardo Pantoja for Seville / Gtres
Junco and Bernardo Pantoja for Seville / Gtres

And it is that, in addition to having felt in the background after the death of her husband, Junco also revealed that the singer blamed him for his death. “Isabel told me that I was 85% guilty of Bernardo’s state,” she confessed to readings. But not everything was thereWell, according to the Japanese, the interpreter of Mlight sailor He did not hesitate to kick her out of the house where she lives in very bad ways: “That house is mine! And when the lock changes, you will not be able to enter ”, she declared, thus reproducing the alleged words of the artist.


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