Julio Iglesias, the protagonist of the famous romantic comeback network


Julio Iglesias Yes Miranda Rainsburg They have been together for 32 years, an event he wants to remember publicly.by posting a story on the couple’s Instagram, thus confirming their return to the social network after several weeks of inactivity. It was their anniversary as a couple, not their wedding anniversary since they were married on August 24, 2010, in an intimate ceremony in the parish of Virgen del Carmen de Marbella in Malaga.

Julio Iglesias congratulations to Miranda Rijnsburguer / Instagram

«32 years together. Thank you so much for the delivery and love. Happy birthday, I love you », he wrote, with a photo of him from the beginning of their relationship. The most romantic birthday wishes to the woman with whom he has shared the last three years of his life.

An affirmation with its nuances, as both have different lives. Julio Iglesias lives in a mansion in the Dominican Republic, while she and her children live in Indian Creek in Miami. However, the Spanish artist always melts when talking about his mother of five: “Miranda is the woman of my life, I can’t imagine life without her”. A very special case.

This isn’t the only time Julio Iglesias has resurfaced, as he’s done the same thing on Twitter.He only wrote four tweets last year, the last one being fired Jesus Quintero, passed away this weekThe two are united by a great friendship, judging by the beautiful verse he dedicated to him: “My dear Jesus, your memory produces a bright smile in my soul whenever I think of you. I admire your intrigue and silence, great interviewer. Please send us your interview in heaven. Rest in peace”. It is worth noting that since his last message was a farewell, his official account on the social network has become an impromptu obituary: to his friends Thomas Munoz, the sons of Cristiano and Georgina, and Card. Ross Marin.

“The Scourge” of Julio Iglesias

Julio, on the other hand, will once again be at the center of the news this weekend, albeit in an involuntary way. Telecinco has launched a who is my fatherDepend on Charlotte Swipe. The theme is based on children seeking well-known faces to prove their truth.In the first issue they have Javier Santoshe has been trying for years to prove that the Spanish artist is his biological father.

Javier Santos appeared in Valencia court in 2019 over his alleged fatherhood with Julio Iglesias.  /Gtres
Javier Santos arrives at Valencia/Getres Stadium

The alleged last action by Julio Iglesias’ son was last June, when he presented the report at the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights. This Saturday, he will provide new details and testimony about the process that marked his life.


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