Julian Edelman applauds Ray Lewis saying he needs therapy for betting 100k on Pats-Bucs SB

Julian Edelman, three times Super Bowl champion with New England Patriots, contributed $100,000 bet that his former team will make it to the final game season against Tom Brady and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

If both the Pats and the Books reach Super Bowl 56, Edelman will win $545,000but former Baltimore Ravens midfielder Ray Lewis I don’t think it’s a sound bet. talking to amanda war on the CBSLewis reacted to the news of Edelman’s bet by stating that he needed therapy.

Julian Edelman applauds Ray Lewis

Though it seemed like friendly banter between them, Edelman applauded Lewis‘, asking him how much he’d bet on the Ravens making it to the Super Bowl. The answer is clearly sarcasm, since Baltimore has not reached NFL playoffs this season.

Edelman first announced his bet on Instagram by posting a video of him. talking to his parents on the phone to inform them of the risk he would take. His mother was happy to share the profits if he bet pays off, but his father was not as enthusiastic, sharing the same feelings as Ray Lewis.

Edelman, who reportedly earned $44 million throughout his 12 seasons in New England, he will not use his money for betting. Former wide receiver received $100k from winnbet to promote an online bookmaker.

I used money for negotiate, betting $50,000 that the Pats would make it to the Super Bowl and the remaining $50,000 that the Bucks would meet them there. Wynnbet lists Patriots in +750 chances to get to the Super Bowl and the Buccaneers in +340.


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