Julian Alvarez scores six goals against River Plate before moving to Manchester City


Erling Haland could steal everyone’s attention with his transition from Borussia Dortmund to Manchesterbut River Plate forward Julian Alvarez already showed glimpses of his talent before moving to sky blues summer.

Argentine prodigy agreed to join Manchester back in January but stayed on loan in River Platefor which he scored six goals in their 8–1 Copa Libertadores victory. Lima Alliance on Wednesday.

Alvarez already scored 14 goals in 17 matches this season. River boss Marcelo Gallardo appeal to Pep Guardiola allow the 22-year-old to stay until the end of the Argentine club season.

“We must be aware that it is quite possible that [Alvarez] will play the last 16 [of the Copa Libertadores] and then he will go to his new destination, – said Gallant.

“What happens is not up to me or what we can do. If they want to lend us a player before the end of the year, we have no problem and we will be very grateful.”

“We tell them that we are going to prepare a player who is already clearly ripe for making a jump, but we could offer him even more flight. But Guardiola does not listen to my request. We would be very grateful if you would let Julian [to play here] until the end of the year.”

Ready to stay at Manchester City

Manchester CEO Ferran Soriano earlier in May it became known that sky blues there were several loan offers for Alvarez. At the same time, he stressed that the Argentine will remain in the Premier League club next season.

“We’ve had a lot of offers from clubs to loan Julián Alvarez, but he’s not going to leave,” he said. soriano.

“He will spend the pre-season with us and I think he will stay. Barcelona were not among those who were interested.”

versatile young man

Back in February Guardiola praised Alvarezversatility and explained that a young striker should play as close to the opponent’s goal as possible due to his performance.

“[He can play] in front, in the middle Guardiola marked.

“I see the player more in positions between the pockets and the attacker. A guy with that sense of purpose should play close to the net.

“For its age, price, for many reasons for the future, this is a really good deal. He’s a guy who has a sense of purpose, quality, movement from behind – a street player.

“He is so dynamic. I think when he plays, the goal is always in his head when he finishes and moves for five meters.”

“He has the desire, the passion and the power without the ball.”


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