Julia Otero tackles uncertainty with the best news


Julia Otero He is reaping the fruits of his struggle, his strength and his perseverance. In February 2021, he was diagnosed with colon cancer Fortunately, they were able to catch up in time. It’s been almost three months since he finished chemotherapy, and he has now received the results of his quarterly oncology exam. There was always fear and respect, but the Galicians brought good news.

The reporter used her Instagram account to update her followers on the latest news about her health, sharing this mild joy with them: “Three months later, today is my quarterly oncology checkup. everything went smoothly. I love those of you who are in therapy or are still in therapy. Time flies, we are still here, smiling in the face of uncertainty‘, he wrote.

Last July 16th, Julia Otero held the last chemotherapySince then, he has strictly followed the advice of his oncologist, particularly emphasizing the importance of daily walks. She obeyed without question, and she typically walked 6 to 8 kilometers a day, although during the hot weeks she had to cut those distances slightly due to the heat across the country.

He was praised by all for the way he handled the disease, and if there was nothing he was missing in the process, it was the love from his family and anonymous people from social networks. Julia receives daily messages of support and love That’s how he finds an inexhaustible source of strength when things look at their worst.

Julia Otero in “Lo de Évole” / La Sexta

During the year, Julia Otera has been participating in a number of TV shows, speaking in first person about her battle with cancer.For example, a few months ago Attended a course with Jordi Évolehe introspected without comparison: «Cancer is a scary word, but I’m learning to pronounce it in the first person. Others can’t imagine. We don’t have the ability to imagine it. Life and the future collapsed. You start to imagine life without you. When you think you are immortal, you are trying. It made me relativize some things, and most importantly, it made me realize that almost everything is temporary. This prevents you from doing more crazy things. When you think you’re immortal, you’re running,” he told reporters.

If there’s anything comforting and relief for Julia Otero, it’s being able to go to work on the radio. The radio was one of the things he missed most during his recovery. On September 1, the new season started with unprecedented intensity. His recovery is on track and there could be no better news.


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