Julia Janeiro has the key to showing off perfect eyebrows without resorting to microblading

Almost a year after she blew out 18 candles, Julia Janeiro has become a national style icon. The daughter of Mary Joseph Campanario and Jesulin of Ubrique He has managed to create a niche for himself in the virtual world and has already reached over 200,000 followers on his Instagram account. A popularity that has done influencer devote themselves entirely to providing beauty and lifestyle content to their fans, something that seems to pay off in terms of prestige on the platform.

The perfect image that the right-winger’s daughter carries has not gone unnoticed by users. In each of your posts, it is also known as juls shows perfect hair, in addition to impeccable makeup where perfectly contoured eyebrows stand out. And it is that, although a priori it may seem that this effect is given by the famous microbladingThe truth is that Janeiro has chosen a much older technique to make her eyebrows perfect.

The option that Julia has chosen is nothing more than hair removal with thread, an ancient method which has not stopped being fashionable despite the passage of time. This procedure, which is often used by some professionals, consists of use of a cotton thread with which pressure is exerted to catch and pull up even the smallest and finest hairs on the eyebrows. A technology for which high precision is required and with which symmetrical and completely polished results are achieved. In addition, this type of hair removal is hardly painful and can last up to a month. An election that has established itself as the clear competitor to microblading, although this is a method that has become particularly popular in recent months. Although it is much more expensive than the thread, this method with semi-permanent makeup manages to create an optical effect that gives more density to the eyebrows. Ideal especially for those people who have this area less populated with hair and want results similar to them Cara Delevingne.

Once the hair removal is complete, it is just as important to file the result with products for it. To create a distinctive effect, Julia and many others influencers They have selected some products that you can find in all cosmetic stores that are within easy reach. First of all, it is necessary to fix the eyebrow hair with a fixing gel, which is applied with the help of a small brush and achieves a very defined result without residue. On the other hand, eyebrow pencils manage to fill in all those gaps that the hair does not grow in the same way as in the rest of the eyebrow, you just have to find your perfect shade. And finally, if you want to emphasize the color and contour of the eyebrow more for a special occasion, nothing like a powder that defines the shape of this area.

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