Judicial activism in the US “cancelled”


By its Constitution, the United States is a republic of states and citizens, not a democracy. And Spain, he said, is a democracy of parties. We see differences today.

In Spain, a despot with executive power and a party that obeys him, like a retinue of orcs to Sauron, seizes all institutions without exception that oppose his will: legislatures, courts, CGPJ, CIS, CNI, Council of State, INE, some companies .. The constitutional court qualifies as unconstitutional the state of alarm declared by the government under the presidency of the despot, and the closing of parliament by order of one of his servants, and does not occur ANY. Citizens are defenseless against an unpunished tyrant.

In the United States, the Constitution and institutions balance various powers and protect the citizen. The Electoral College, the representation of the states, elects the president, not the citizens. Since it is a federal republic formed by the union of several states, they powers reserved to the federal government. The president’s term is limited to eight years, and all his appointments must be approved by the chambers. Moreover, the electoral system weakens parties and makes elected officials dependent on their constituents, not their parties.

Anti-abortion protesters in New York

Raised in an environment of submission to power and pretense to him and his executioners, we Spaniards are surprised that most United States Supreme Court rejected the president’s threats Joe Bidenprogressive press, activists and their very rich financiers approve cancellation judgment Rowe vs. Wade.

In its ruling, the majority of the Supreme Court claims that its predecessors of 1973

“they have usurped the right to deal with a matter of deep moral and social importance, which the Constitution expressly reserves to the people.”

Abortion has become one of the main sacraments of our postmodern society. This is so important that even those who defend it with hypocrisy oppose the Administration, that no woman does it with joy or irresponsibility, but rather with sadness and longing. help pregnant women economic or any other information.

There is no end to this war. To the rapporteur of the verdict Rowe vs. Wade, Harry Blackbamit was proposed in 1970 by the Republican Richard Nixon and it was unanimously confirmed by the Democratic-majority Senate. Upper House acceptance of appointments directed by the White House has been disrupted since progressive empire he decided to take over the Supreme Court so that he could carry out his social engineering without the hassle of campaigning and congressional debate. Since then, the nominations have been a battlefield between the two armies, with just over half of the senators approved.

The last two advances progressive empire was the appointment of a judge, Ketanji Brown Jackson, who said she didn’t know what a woman was despite three Republican senators backing her, and leaking a draft verdict written by Samuel Alito, a fact that had never happened before. Protests by left-wing activists in front of the houses of the “originalist” magistrates and the arrest of an armed man who planned to kill Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Perhaps all of this would convince centrist John Roberts, president of SCOTUS, to join his Conservative majority vote.

Protesters outside the US embassy in London

Since liberals are ruthless even to themselves, at the same time abortion fanatic Ruth Bider Ginzburg (he opposed any sanitary measures in abortion centers that would protect the lives of patients on the pretext that this would mean restricting access to constitutional law, even if it led to the death of women during operations) now They reproach her for insisting on death as a magistrate. Supreme Court at the age of 87, instead of resigning during the Obama presidency and allowing Trump appoints third judge.

Reaction second Catholic President of the United StatesJoe Biden abortionist until the birth of the child, it consisted in the announcement of a federal law on the introduction of abortion throughout the Union. However, it is unlikely that the matter will go from words to paper, since it has become clear that the crushing of human embryos is not within the federal competence and, therefore, as Amendment X, its regulation is limited to states or individuals. Moreover, an attempt to discuss even such a bill was rejected by the Senate Several weeks ago.

The elegant left, made up of deputies and TV commentators such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezhas already removed the muzzles from her club gangs and intends to repeat the 2020 election riots organized then Black Lives Matterwith an eye on legislative elections in November.

If the Progressives were a little more astute (and, above all, modest), they would agree that abortion be banned and restricted in the central states of the country and legalized on the coasts where they live. After all, for them, the territory between Los Angeles and New York is ‘flyover country’, whom they despise as a redneck. But they cannot do this, because they are tireless activists in their cause, from which they receive not only a gratifying moral superiority, but also an economic benefit.

The ruling could prompt parts of the Democratic Party to propose increasing the number of magistrates serving on the court. If implemented, which is difficult, we would face another bipartisan agreement destroyed by the Democrats, but we already know that the liberals don’t give a damn about consensus, except when they can impose one.

It is to be hoped that this court, formed by appointments made Donald Trump, issue new sentences that “cancel” judicial activity. We hope forever, and also that the example of the US Supreme Court extends to other US and European courts that have become irresponsible legislators.



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