Judge files López Madrid’s complaint against Dr. Pinto


Business man Javier Lopez Madrid pierce the bone again. The Instruction Court number 26 of Madrid has filed the case that was opened following the complaint he presented Lopez Madrid versus Dr Elisa Pinto for an alleged crime against moral integrity and a continuing crime of threats. In her order, the investigating judge agreed to archive the proceedings as she concluded that after the “there is no indication of Pinto’s involvement» in the denounced facts.

The complaint filed by López Madrid included events from 2013, when he and his family and personal environment received hundreds of calls to their personal numbers without interruption from October to November 2014 during which a distorted voice made severe statements on the sexual and intimate life of the businessman. He also denounced having received threatening messages and anonymous letters.

From now on, the magistrate assured that “the commission of the crime does not seem duly justified which gave rise to the formation of the cause”, which is why he considered that the most relevant thing is to declare the provisional dismissal and the introduction of legal action. The decision comes after the last year, Pinto’s defense asked the court to dismiss the case after receiving a ruling notifying that the investigation period had expired.

López Madrid, on the bench

Now businessman López Madrid and former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo await a bleak legal horizon as they will have to sit in the dock to answer the allegations crimes of harassment, threats and injuries with a dangerous instrument against Dr. Elisa Pinto that a judge of another court, the Court of Instruction No. 39 of Madrid, decreed.

On the sidelines, he asked the judge – if the file was not approved – to claim the diaries of the retired commissioner from the National Court Jose Manuel Villarejo linked “to the commission carried out by Javier López Madrid in relation to Dr. Elisa Pinto”.

In his letter, he underlined “the importance of the diaries” by considering that if they “cannot be considered as an irrefutable fact”, they “constitute a provisional calendar of certain events which make it possible to situate on a precise date the incidents which have already been accredited for information purposes.” in this case.”

The legal representation of López Madrid had, however, asked the court to close the investigation and refer the case to justice. The businessman underlined the “unequivocal seriousness” of the events he denounced in March 2014 and which would have occurred both in his person and in his family and personal environment.


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