Juanma Moreno is already preparing an appeal for unconstitutionality against the tax on large fortunes


When Juanma Moreno The threat is usually not in vain. The President of the Junta of Andalusia warned the Government of Pedro Sánchez actively and passively than if they were performing tax hacking of large fortunes the Andalusian executive would present an appeal of unconstitutionality. And there they are.

The Junta of Andalusia “prepares the corresponding appeal for unconstitutionality” that the President, Juanma Moreno, had already announced, that he would file against what the Government from PP-A understand that it is a “imposed” against this autonomous community, with reference to the tax on large fortunes promoted by the Central Executive of Pedro Sánchez.

During a press service in Seville before inaugurating a conference at the headquarters of the Confederation of Andalusian Entrepreneurs (CEA)the Andalusian Minister for the Presidency, Interior, Social Dialogue and Administrative Simplification, Antonio Sanz, confirmed that the Council is preparing said appeal after the Congress of Deputies approved last Thursday evening the bill to introduce new taxes on energy companies and banksin which the PSOE and united we can added by amendment on wealth tax.

Antonio Sanz regretted that “the Sánchez government carried out a ‘imposed’ against Andalusiaan attack on our competition, on our fiscal autonomy”, which “clearly goes against the law”.

“We are convinced that this is an unconstitutional initiative, that it does not respect the powers that the autonomous communities have in this matter, that it is carried out without changing the law and without even calling the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council“, affirmed in this line the Andalusian adviser to the Presidency.

Antonio Sanz He stressed that this is an initiative that involves “a clear attack on our autonomous community”, and in this regard he attributed to the government of Sánchez a “constant commitment” to “attack” Andalusia ” when we are most powerful”.

He defended it “lowering taxes is something that benefits Andalusia”and “it seems to be something that the president of the government does not like”, according to Sanz, who also insisted that with the elimination, in practice, of the tax on heritage in this community, this what they have done from the Council is to “equate” Andalusia “with the European Union”, whose member countries do not have such a tribute, as he declared before adding that “it seems like Pedro Sánchez doesn’t like it either”.

Thus, the adviser pointed out that this “attack” by the government against Andalusia “is going to have a legal response” from the Junta, from where “the corresponding appeal of unconstitutionality is being prepared, and when we will be finished, it will be presented, as already announced by the chairman of the board of directors, Juanma Moreno.

The head of the presidency indicated that the Andalusian executive “never likes confrontation or conflict with the government or with anyone, but we must defend our powers and Andalusia of an absolutely unjustified and intolerable attack” against “the commitment of the government of Juanma Moreno to continue lowering taxes”, as he pointed out in conclusion.


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