Juanjo Ballesta: his disappearance, fights with his ex and his controversial life

Juanjo Ballesta He is determined to continue writing his controversial book and the last one has been his mysterious disappearance. In total, it has been almost 3 months that the singer’s inner circle has been unaware of his whereabouts. Even his parents didn’t know where his son was exactly. This has only been the latest scandal in a fairly long list. At 35, the man from Madrid has already gone through several very low moments in his life.

whereabouts unknown

Let’s start with a reverse chronological order. The commented disappearance put his friends on alert, who did not hesitate to appeal to the media to find out something about him. The program socialite gave voice to this request: «We started an investigation because Juanjo Ballesta’s friends contacted us because they were unable to speak with him. In fact, we start calling him and he has the phone turned off, “they commented from the Telecinco space.

Juan José Ballesta, at an event

The parents of Juanjo Ballesta confirmed that the actor “is focused on his new project, whereabouts unknown and without coverage.” That is why his mobile phone has been turned off in recent weeks, and the reason that explains why he has not uploaded content to his social networks. In addition, it has been known that “it is very saturated.” looks has been able to find out that -indeed- the reason for his disappearance responds to work projects.

wounded heart

Juanjo Ballesta has always been a boy who has given a lot to talk about. His fame came to him suddenly and when he was very young. At just 13 years old, he starred in The ball, a film that was his media catapult and for which he won a Goya award. However, one of the most dramatic moments he faced was the break, at the beginning of 2021, with Veronica Rebollo (mother of his son Juanito, who is now 14 years old) after 15 years together.

Juanjo Ballesta, surrounded by photographers

The one from Parla had good words for Vero: «I can only say that she has been, is and will be the woman of all my lives. He is a wonderful person and he deserves the best in the world,” he told Hello. However, problems soon began.

Argument with the mother of his son

Peace did not take long to explode and Juanjo Ballesta got into an argument with Verónica: «You are and will always be the woman of all my lives. Although sometimes we don’t understand each other and you put things about me. She completely sweats me. My heart tells me not to pay you back with the same coin. No matter what happens and no matter how much you try to hurt me, I will always be there for you and yours. Even if you’re wrong.”

Rebollo did not remain silent and defended herself tooth and nail: «I am going to be very brief, Juanjo. I’m not trying to hurt anyone. Telling you to pay child support after a year and a half apart, I don’t think it’s hurtful. The child lives with me because the father has obligations. I work in two places so that I can get enough for the house, electricity, water, food, expenses… since we don’t have any regulatory agreement, you take advantage of that and tell me that until a judge says so, you won’t give me anything ( …) I don’t even know how you’re ashamed to put those things up knowing that I’m not going to stay silent. Qthat I am clearer than water and that I am worth more for what I keep quiet than for what I speak. You know that and everyone who knows us. Do not make me explode that you are more false and rather it remains… ».

Jacqueline, a new failed love

It was the month of October 2021 when Juanjo Ballesta seemed to turn the page and fell in love with Jacqueline, to whom he publicly surrendered: «I can say that I am happy and madly in love again. Jacqueline, my love, I hope to share my whole life with you and make you the happiest woman in the world. Because you deserve it. When I met you, I had just gotten out of a very long relationship and was in self-destruct mode. And once again I can say that I believe in love. And, above all, in you ». Unfortunately, a few months after they met, his love withered and the actor confessed to being “crying all day on the corners.”


Another controversy starring the Spanish interpreter took place just a year ago, when he recorded a video that he uploaded to networks, riding in a car that was driving at 180 km/hour, along with more friends. An episode in which he endangered his life and for which he was heavily criticized.