Juan Vidal finds out live about the plagues that Niurka Marcos gave him and turns the tortilla upside down Código Lista


On the afternoon of this Tuesday, November 15, Juan Vidal was invited to La Mesa Caliente, where he found out live about the latest statements that Niurka Marcos made against him, since the Cuban has just published a video in which He lashed out without tempting his heart, insulted him to exhaustion and did not lower him to “alcoholic”so the reaction of the Dominican in the middle of the forum was masterful.

And it is that the actor, although he put on a surprised face with each affirmation of Mama Niu in this clip, He decided not to get into any more controversy, so when he finished watching her rant against him, he only limited himself to starting his speech by saying: “Nothing, the people who talk and she who says everything she wants. I didn’t come here to talk about anyone. That’s her version, perfect.”

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Besides pointing out, “All I’m saying is that right now I’m going to put a ‘stop’ on relationships… I’m going to concentrate on my work, on my daughter, on my things, because unfortunately the relationship she wanted or wants is very different from what he intended to have with her… An intimate, private relationship…”

Juan said he was surprised by Niurka’s attitude and pointed out that he doesn’t understand why he came out to say all these things. In addition, he assured that he is not the only one who is hurt by this whole situation, since he has also gone through difficult times. and he reiterated that he wanted to slow down and have a less intense and softer relationship.

Vidal explained that despite everything said, he has always loved Niurka and that he wanted to be in her life even as friends.but he confessed that this request in which it was supposedly said that there would be a wedding was a commitment in his courtship and in his relationship, but he reiterated that it still hurts him to have distanced himself from her and more because of her. the way he gave all this

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The Dominican revealed that Perhaps the straw that broke the camel’s camel’s back was the conflicts they had over a trip, assuring that he had everything ready to show her his country, but that at any moment the dancer canceled the flight and then went out to throw poison at him. her right hand. and sinisterThat is why, according to him, he did not understand this position, so now he prefers not to talk about it anymore and finds time to assimilate all this mess.

Juan ended by saying that now he will take some time to choose love well and that If there is something that bothers him, it is that his intimate relationship as a couple becomes a movie for the public, in addition to the fact that he denied being a narcissist, for which he took the opportunity to throw a stone and point. “The facts speak for themselves”hinting that things could be the other way around what many think.

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