Juan Peña admitted to the coronavirus: “I live in hell”

Coronavirus seems to have become another element in daily life, and although the case rate is much lower than in the first few months of the pandemic, infection with Covid-19 still poses a very important risk. Although many people experience this disease with almost no symptoms, many people are eventually admitted to the hospital and need the help of health workers.This is the case Juan Pena, Someone from the hospital shared on Instagram that he was join in And had a bad time.

Significantly worsened, the artist wants to send all his followers about The importance of vaccination And abide by the rules of social distancing, wear a mask in crowded places, so that no one will suffer the pain he is currently experiencing.

«As you can see, this is not my best photo, and I am not uploading it for mercy, let alone cause any pain or worry; I do this to raise people’s awareness Please immediately…let us get vaccinated 🦠🦠💉💉Because if it weren’t for this damn scourge, it would never end », first write to the artist, he promises«My life is hell Because that damn mistake is called COVID-19 ».

According to Peña, in his case, the infection occurred because the vaccine had not yet produced antibodies. «The vaccine has not yet reacted in my body.Or when I was infected, what I felt was the closest to a huge tractor, which passed through your body and your lungs many times, trying to crush you. A fire volcano in your body makes you from top to bottom And it’s all because of the damn virus.

The singer has asked his followers to be vaccinated/Gtres

In fact, he regretted not being vaccinated earlier. «If I get two doses of the vaccine, the symptoms will not even be half, but I only took one dose Because I still have a few days to do the second one.Look I have always been very cautious about my PCR, I did a lot of singing, my antigen test, saliva test, swab test, various tests… but You will be infected when you least expect it and where you least expect it Then you begin to experience the worst nightmare».

He seems to be recovering from a very delicate situation, and he used this opportunity not only to remind people of how serious the disease is, but also to thank the health workers for their work. «I keep going, Thanks to the Madrid Social Security Medical Team, They care, care and love me very much, but I still have a few days to wait, test and recover; I believe I will be with my family soon, this is what I want most, and I will be with you soon On the stage, it was logical, I had to cancel everything».

As Juan Peña himself revealed, the wave of family information did not last long, and he also greeted his followers a few words. «Thank you for your message, only the people closest to me know, This situation has been going on for many days, I don’t want to scare you, I’m much better, but I know this is the best way to tell my experience [email protected] Those who have not received the first or second dose of the vaccine have already done so; for me It messed up my lungs I pray for strength, this is my only requirement of God».

“Please get vaccinated”The singer asked. «Because even if you see on the news that COVID has dropped, it will be so, but The floors of many hospitals are full, And when you spread it, you have to live in everyone’s body to feel the damn experience or the worst enemy of existence that I don’t want. #vaccination#stopCovid
The nightmare will end in a few days 💪🏻», he is over.

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