Juan Manuel Marquez: “Jake Paul and celebrities are hurting boxing”


Fformer Mexican world champion Juan Manuel Marquez strongly criticized YouTubers and celebrities who wanted to box professionally without any formal training.

For Marquez, all these celebrities don’t respect boxing, don’t take it seriously and believe that entering the ring to exchange blows is a game.

“Dynamita” did not hide anything and knocked out new boxers with their comments

“This is damage to boxing, this is damage to boxing.. I remember when the coach asked someone: “Would you like your son to become a boxer”, the answer was: “No, this is a very difficult sport, very dangerous, I would like him to study.” Now everyone wants to be boxers,” he told ESPN.

From a few years to the present, many sports figures want to enter the ring to arrange an exhibition fight, and although they are athletes, they don’t look very good in the ring, but they get high fees.

Mrkes also noted that they do not respect boxing.

“From my point of view, without fear of making a mistake, this is a big disrespect to boxing,“he said.

“Boxing needs to be taken seriously. The fighter trains, prepares. He leaves everything in the ring. I don’t think it’s fair to have a YouTuber or a former basketball or NFL player in the ring. Boxing deserves respect. Respect is lost,” said the former champion.

Brothers Paul, Logan and Jake are influencers who have taken advantage of the window that boxing has given them, but not only them, we have seen MMA figures who have had several fights such as Conor McGregor, Tyron Woodley and Anderson Silva.


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