Juan Duyos: “Leonor and Sofía can make their clothes a very beautiful tool for marketing and branding in Spain”


Duyos Celebrating a quarter century in fashion and celebrating it at this edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid with a ‘trip’ in Estonia, the country considered to be baltic gemThe designer has created a collection inspired by the country’s rejoicing nature and unique traditions, the result of his travels in the company of model Laura Sánchez, with whom he enjoys nature, forests and landscapes, food, craftsmanship , Estonian tradition and great work.

A very special collection that reflects values ​​that perfectly match the identity of a tailor: A life in slow key, attention to detail and the importance of time and tradition. Looking back at the past and traditions, always looking to the future.

Madrid Dujos parade. / Getreth

This number has been able to Talk to a tailor specificallynot only about the significance of the collection, but also other questions, such as his views on Spanish fashion, the future of the industry or great references to our country.

John Duyos He answered the phone cordially. He was cool and was thought to be happy to celebrate his 25-year career: “It’s a long-distance race. It’s great to get this far and stay. We are the second generation of Spanish fashion because the first The generation started in the eighties. It is a very good victory to maintain these 25 years and take the lead,” he explained.

The tailor confirmed that, at this point, it was clear he wanted to do something special: “A ‘blow me out’ trip that I thought was the most beautiful option. Then it all happened from that trip. It was an amazing place to start and highly recommended country. Always amazing”with comments.

Juan Dujos poses. / Getreth

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about the importance of sustainable fashion and caring for the environment. In this regard, Juan Duyos believes that it is important to clarify the concept of sustainable development. “Everything is sustainable now, but I’m always looking for products that are durable, locally produced and respectful of the environment.” Tailors also recognise that you have to focus on the past, but at the same time you can’t lose sight of the fact that you have to look to the future.

As for fetishes, Duyos admits that he would love to invent jeans, tracksuits or sneakers, the hot pieces we all use and are essential in our daily lives, but he admits that nothing beats one Clothes up for a woman.

Queen Letizia dressed as Duyos. / Getreth

The tailor believes that while Spanish fashion has changed and evolved over the years, the fundamentals haven’t changed much: “Usually things continue to fail, industry and design don’t go hand in hand. Creatives continue to swim alone. We get creative with businessmen and it’s a very strange formula”, Duyos said, insisting that beyond our borders, things are different and talent is supported in another way. However, “while we lack the great phenomenon of internationalization, we do have a certain admiration for writer fashion,” he stressed.

Speaking of which, there are such characters Queen Letizia, they do a great job promoting Spanish fashion. Juan Dujos is responsible for some of the Queen’s most commented looks, notably the two manila capes models worn by Doña Letizia. The designer has a certain preference for this garment we love so much: “We’ve used it many times. I made a collection out of fifteen manila shawls I found in an old warehouse ten years ago, and it’s always been a brand sign.”

Queen Letizia in a Manila cape dress. / Getreth

The tailor confirmed that the opportunity to dress the Queen was a call from his team, although he assured Felipe VI’s wife has contributed a lot to Spanish fashion, “about her work, her work, and It’s not about what she’s wearing.”

so much now princess eleanor as princess sofia As their popularity grows, it’s not uncommon for their style choices to be commented on: “I think they’re two ideal girls, both well-dressed. Glad they’re getting a fashion education, its symbolism and what can be Something that helps us all because they are public figures. I think they can make their clothing a great tool for marketing and branding in Spain”.

In addition to the possible importance of the looks of the Queen and her daughters, Duyos noted that in Spain “we continue to have a lot of references, such as our international models who promote Spanish fashion”. The tailor guarantees that this is a very important value for the industry: “There is a certain pride in wearing Spanish fashion and ours”, he declares.

Juan Dujos performing in Madrid. / Getreth

While he doesn’t feel particularly superstitious, he does recognize that people who are no longer here are left in the inkwell. “Those great actresses of the 50s and 60s are like myths, but even now our great heroines still impress me, AnnabelleMarisa Paredes, Angela Molina, how clear they are about what they want to wear and their personality”, she admits. In the same row, it has some classics in its references in the fashion world , such as Yves Saint Laurent or Marc Jacobs.

In the fast-paced times of life, Juan Duyos admits that he often has creative crises: “Every six months we have to put out a collection. No matter what you do, you have to do it. It forces you to keep your head up, and I’m a Very insecure person. My little team always helps me when I’m feeling down. They have moved me so many times”revealed.


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