Juan del Val’s reaction to the separation of Laura Escanes and Risto


In recent days, the social chronicle of our country has experienced two moments that will continue the history of coated paper.1. Before the start of the weekend Tamara Falco Hours after announcing her engagement, she became aware of Íñigo Onieva’s infidelity. And, after 48 hours, Laura Escanes and Risto Mejide They revealed in a statement that they will end their love story with a common daughter after seven years.

Nuria Roca and Juan del Val at an event / Gtres

This unexpected news, as there is no sign that one of the most stable marriages in the annals of our country’s society will end their marriage, was broadcast live on the show rockDepend on Nuria Roca. At this precise moment, John of Val, The evangelist’s husband was also on set, and they commented on the rift between the influencer and the author of negative emotions.

“I’ve been reading this statement and it’s an exercise in absolute love. The two have a lot of love and respect for their ex-partners. It’s an adult management style. The love lives on, albeit not as a couple”, Juan said. “You are right. They are two very respectful and intelligent people. They have a wonderful daughter in common, and their traits have always been sensible,” added Nuria Roca. “I don’t think it’s bad news. He went to another place, and that’s it,” he assures. That’s when Del Val showed his sense of humor and looked at his wife in laughter and commented, “Nuria, it’s just you and me.” “Well, love is what it is anyway, as long as it lasts, it will last as long,” she replied.

Juan del Val reacts to the break between Laura Escanes and Risto / La Sexta
Juan del Val reacts to the break between Laura Escanes and Risto / La Sexta

During the years that Risto and Laura shared their lives, they revealed little details about their personal lives and wanted to let their respective followers know that from now on, they would be taking different paths. “thanks @lauraescanes These seven years, three months, and twenty-four days. They’re not perfect, and even then, or maybe because of that, they’re definitely the best in my life. We’ve been through a lot together and learned a lot (a lot of good stuff, and a lot that I don’t want to learn), so all that’s left is to be very grateful for our path before everyone goes their own way. Because it all adds up. Good, bad and average. As someone once said, it’s eternal, it lasts. I just wish we were exes as husband and wife. May each of us know how to find the life we ​​want. Most importantly, thank you for making me Pope.now it’s a love #toelrato‘, Risto said.

Escanez has stressed that he doesn’t like goodbyes, and he has attempted to write a few posts announcing the breakup. “I don’t think it’s a goodbye either, because I know we’ll always have each other no matter what. It’s been a wonderful 7 years. Also difficult(…). I want people to live and feel a quarter of what we feel. That’s love,” says the content creator.


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