Josie Altidore slaps a fan who racially slandered him outside a nightclub in Mexico


BUT the video went viral Josie Altidore hit the arm of the person who grabbed the video Club Puebla attack.

The US national team player was seen leaving a nightclub when the man who recorded the video called the player “Chocomilk”, apparently referring to the color of his skin.

A clip posted by Emparrillado Deportivo shows Altidore leaving a nightclub with a woman.

It is not clear if the 32-year-old man hears what the person said, but as soon as he sees that he is being videotaped, he asks the person to stop filming the video.

Then, Altidore hitting the arm of a man who claimed in the video that he Club Puebla fan. An alleged supporter swears at Altidorewho turns around and says something back when the video ends.

CEO of the news channel En Linea Puebla, Paul Yolatlclaimed that AltidoreA violent reaction was caused by the fact that the attacker allegedly left a nightclub with a woman who is not his wife.

Altidorepartner tennis player Sloane Stephensunderdog 6-3 6-2 in the second round of the US Open Iga Swiatek.


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