Joshua punches Deontay Wilder where it hurts most: lack of boxing skills against Fury.


I amthat’s not it Deontay Wilder I can’t box Anthony Joshua just thinks Tyson Furand has better psychological boxing skills than ” Bronze bomber‘. But AJ knows, like everyone else, that ‘Gypsy King’ probably the best boxer in history.

After his last fight with Wilder, Tyson proved to be on par with other great players of all time such as Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali. But his impressive physique and quickness are what surprises everyone who sparring in the ring. Rage must not be able to move so fast or step so smoothly. Wilder needed more footwork training if he wanted to outplay the reigning champion.

Anthony Joshua may not have the same level of boxing skills as Fury, but he is convinced that he is definitely better than Deontay Wilder. In the new era of heavyweights, there are some massive boxers who hit well and move well. AJ just lost WBA, WBO and IBF heavyweight belts against Alexander Usik because he was banished.

He would know he feels exiled and that’s probably why he’s talking bullshit Wilder Now. Maybe he wants to get into a fight after the rematch against TendrilJoshua also shed some light on this new breed of heavyweights who have succeeded the previous generation.

What did Anthony Joshua say about Wilder?

During JD Sports Roundtable, This is what Joshua said about Wilderfight: “He tried, but to get this strength and this ferocity, you have to have it here. [points to his head]… Before you get it right here [clenches fists] at this level you should have it here [points to his head] also. Not on this day and age [can heavyweights jab for 12 rounds] because the heavyweights are different, “added Joshua.

“The other day I met a guy who makes gloves, and he said that they had never had to make special gloves before. But now the heavyweights are 17 to 19 stone and six feet ten inches. , five years. And before, fighters could jab like that for 12 rounds and leave them with impunity. They would have gotten a little tired, but they were prepared because they were lighter. But now that you’ve got the big guys [who are] 6’7, they get tired. “

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