José Sacristán: Interview with the next Goya de Honor

Jose Sacristain is luckyThe actor has been selected by the Film Academy as the Goya Honor Award for his entire career.Will be delivered during the traditional festival in February next year Awards mentionedThe Madrid native who was born in Chinchon is 84 years old and continues to perform on stage. Lady in red on a gray background Sacristán currently shocked the booths throughout Spain with an overwhelming performance with this work. There is no doubt that it has left its mark on the audience.

Jose Sacristain/GTRES in performance

The actor participated in LOOK. In addition to saying that he was very happy to receive this recognition, he was also surprised to find that although he has no specific plans for retirement, when he finishes his current work, it may be time to stay at home.

Q: What does the news of this award mean?

A: “A kind of joy, I like it very much”

Q: The college rewards you and recognizes you. Isn’t it exciting?

A: “In addition, I think I agree very much, because I was one of the first nine people to open the college. Now I have been recognized by the academic community, which makes me very happy.”

Q: Are you looking forward to it?

A: “Waiting for the award is reckless, but I do think there will be a natural process through which this recognition will one day decline. But waiting from there will be a reckless thing.”

Q: Are you used to accepting awards?

A: “Get used to this is not something that usually happens. When it happens, it’s to celebrate. It’s always a surprise, it’s always a joy

Q: Is getting the honor of Goya the realization of your dreams?

A: “Professional dream, professional dream is work, my relationship with those who come and those who continue to trust me. There are more benefits.”

Q: There are rumors that may quit…

A: “No, I’m going to next June Lady in red on a gray backgroundI have a promise that must be fulfilled, but since I am a few years old, when the promise is over, the wisest thing to do is to stay at home. “

José Sacristán won the Goya Award for Best Actor / GTRES in 2013
José Sacristán won the Goya Award for Best Actor / GTRES in 2013

Despite his long film career-he made his debut in 1965 Family and another person– Coupled with his prestige as an actor, this award will be the second Goya Award for this famous artist. In 2013, José Sacristán won the best actor award for his role. Dead and happy, The film also won him a Silver Shell Award at the famous San Sebastian Film Festival.

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