José Sacristán and Cayetana Guillén Cuervo: two antagonistic ways of seeing Concha Velasco


exciting day for shell velasco. The incombustible actress reaches 83 years of age and does so at a delicate moment, after a few months in which her health has not been the best, but calm. For a long time she has found all the care she needs at Orpea Punta Galea, the nursing home in Madrid where she is pampered day and night. It is there that she has received several visits this Tuesday, November 29. Visits from important people and from those who have wanted to spend a pleasant time with her on her anniversary.

One of them has been Cayetana Guillen Cuervo. The actress has left Concha Velasco’s room very happy for having been able to congratulate her personally and has given the last part of her about her health: “Concha is fine, she is fine, with a smile and speaking well of everyone”, has said. A very reassuring message. In addition, Cayetana has discovered that “today was also my father’s birthday and they always called each other on his birthday and since my father was gone, I always call her and I take care of what my father did. She is happy because friends are coming to see her, she has a very beautiful room where you can see the sky and the trees and she is very pretty », she has recognized.

One of the virtues of Concha Velasco that have always been recognized is her ability to work until an advanced age. The Valladolid was reluctant to retire and despite her 83 years, she would like to continue acting. This is how Gemma Cuervo’s daughter acknowledges it: «Of course she misses the stage, if an actor never wants to retire. He withdraws your age or illness, but she is fine, “she said.

Concha Velasco, acting

The other familiar face that has approached the residence has been Jose Sacristan. The winner of the Goya de Honor 2022 has gladly attended to the media that were stationed at the entrance to tell how he saw his friend. Her words were somewhat more worrying than those of Guillén Cuervo and that is that Concha Velasco’s condition could be better: «She is weak, she is delicate, but as always the girl yeyé. There is no one who can with her. She’s limp, but she’s alright, she’s alright”recognized the veteran actor.

José Sacristán, leaving to see Concha Velasco / Gtres
José Sacristán, leaving to see Concha Velasco

Sacristán has not turned his back on reality: «He has a barbaric lucidity and continues to remember and be, but anyway, what am I going to tell that is not imprudent? Concha Velasco is low-key, but she is Concha Velasco until she has to be », has settled. It should be noted that the interpreter has also been eating with her son Manuel de ella, who has not hesitated to go to the residence to kiss and hug her mother on her day. He was much more concise at the entrance and limited himself to saying that her mother was “fine” and “very happy” to receive these visits to make this November 29 an even more special day.


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