José Luis Gil: his emotional image upon receiving an important award


Jose Luis Gil He continues to take steps forward in search of that complete recovery from the stroke he suffered a little over a year ago. Totally withdrawn from the public scene, the little that is known about him in this process comes through his daughters, who share moments of his. The latter has generated a big emotion because it’s about a recognition To the actor Maño, a great joy in these difficult times.

The interpreter of The one that is coming He has received the National ReTake Award, which recognizes him as Best Dubbing Actor, a discipline to which he has devoted himself for more than three decades and which he has perfectly combined with all the theater and television roles he has carried out. José Luis is very happy in the image shared by the organization, receiving her award in the hands of a good friend.

The award ceremony for these awards took place on Saturday, November 5 at the Oviedo Philharmonic Theater, but the actor was unable to attend it and has received the prize at home from the hands of three of her colleagues by profession: Ana María Simón, María Antonia Rodríguez and Sara Vivas, known for giving Bart Simpson a voice in Spanish.

José Luis Gil in a play.

This fact has been commented on their social networks by Irene Gil, the actor’s daughter, who explained that “Ana María Simón, Sara Vivas and María Antonia came to bring him his ReTake Award and a cake to celebrate it, I don’t know what made him more excited.” The truth is that seeing José Luis in that state, smiling and wanting to live fuels optimism about a recovery that the entire country hopes is close.

Irene is one of the main supporters of José Luis Gil in his recovery from the left hemispheric acute ischemic stroke that he suffered in November 2021. Since then, the man from Zaragoza has been in the hands of the best specialists and has received the affection of an entire country every day. . In fact, the new season of the one that looms is full of memories of her figure since she is first time away in almost 20 years of history of There is no one living here first and the one mentioned above after.

It was Irene herself who narrated an unfortunate accident that his father suffered at the beginning of the month of November: «We have had a bump in the road. we celebrate the Almudena Day with a stumble and broken little finger. Now, energy is not lacking. She has continued to rehabilitate and go out to drink her coffee. Add and continue », she wrote in a message followed by endless reactions of support. Little by little, a great path is made and that is the maxim that José Luis Gil clings to in order to fully recover.


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