José Luis Garci, Gold Medal for Dos de Mayo: “In our country it is cinema”


President of the Community of Madrid, Isabelle Diaz Ayusodelivered jewelry this Monday Order of the Second of May“the most valuable awards” of the region, “the real Spain”, for men and women “who fill us with pride, amazement and enthusiasm, which give us company and inspiration in everyday tasks.”

director Jose Luis Garcia the first Spanish director to win an Oscar, he received the Dos de Mayo Gold Medal. “This medal recognizes that in our country, José Luis Garci is cinema,” said Diaz Ayuso.

Fernando Saveter He was awarded the Grand Cross. “We are rebels and these awards represent a rebellion of work and effort against mediocrity. This is what the Community of Madrid represents,” he assured. “The President herself represents the rebellion. You only need to see and count the number of her opponents, because this is what happens to us rebels, that before we get rewards, we get opponents, ”he added.

“There is a great English poet who said that God gave us memory so that we could have roses in winter. I believe that these differences are roses that we will all save for the winter that will come to us sooner or later,” he concluded.

Other laureates

The other winners were Relojería Losada SL, responsible for the daily maintenance of the emblematic watch of the Royal Post Office; The Manantial Foundation, “fighting for health”, the Cruz Blanca restaurant in Vallecas, “the benchmark for traditional cuisine in Madrid”, and Vicente Dalmau Cebrián-Sagarriga, the Madrid winegrowing family who, through the Marquis de Murrieta, “made wine that is culture and health the best in the world in New York.

On the other hand, the room award went to the Madrid Zoo-Aquarium, which celebrates its 50th anniversary by “bringing the love of animals to the children of Madrid”, the 112 Emergency Center, “the best emergency center in the world”; and Luis Maria Anson, “teacher, godfather and supporter of culture and journalism.”

At an event a video in mind in which there was a special memory of those who left us in 2021, including our colleague from esRadio Elijah Rodriguezpassed away last summer.


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