José Fernando Ortega: Double check makes his family


The new wedding of the Ortega family is coming soon. Jose Fernando marry With his girlfriend Miqiu next summer. A key appointment concerning the future of the entire clan. This will be a beautiful day, and it has been long-awaited after the torment of addiction, rehabilitation and justice issues that it has been prolonging. This may well be understood as a catharsis to him and his father, who endured his son’s absence during his hospital stay. Expect to be happy, but there may be times when the name and last name are inconsistent: Rossio Carrasco.

Jose Fernando Ortega/Gtres

All along, one of the undisputed protagonists at the wedding-Miqiu-introduced this variable.Last week, Jose Fernando’s girlfriend was interviewed extensively 10 minutes He revealed his wedding and all the details. One of the questions was about the guests who participated in the link, and more specifically whether Carrasco was present on his brother’s important day.

Miqiu opened the bomb: «If it is for Jose Fernando, yes. I don’t know her, but if his sister was there, he would be very excited ». Checkmate Rocio Carrasco.Eldest daughter biggest There will be a burning ball in front of him. She knew that any decision she made would affect everyone, although perhaps she would no longer have any losses with Ortegas. If he decides not to go, he may fail Jose Fernando and hope to enjoy his wedding with his sister-who knows-if his existence is important to Rocío Carrasco and other family members The huge cracks have a soothing effect.

Gloria Camilla and Jose Fernando Ortega Cano/Gtres
Gloria Camilla and Jose Fernando Ortega Cano/Gtres

What if he accepts the invitation? At this point, both things seem very complicated. Rocío Jurado’s daughter participates and does so will ease the relationship. It will not continue and the environment will become hostile. But if he decides to go, he will transfer the hot potato to Ortega Cano, Gloria Camilla and others. It is very likely that no one sees Rossio Carrasco with good eyes, they can distract them.

It takes a lot of imagination.More later Judicial conflict It was opened by Gloria Camila to her sister, and Ortega Cano remained silent.The first in her application to ask Rocío Carrasco to provide the documents she will provide to the production companies La Fábrica de la Tele and Mediaset to record the documentary In the name of RossioThe Justice’s response was blunt, and a preliminary public lawsuit has been filed. Something for Fidel Albiac’s wife.

We will have to wait to see the final decision, but the challenge is already on the table. At the same time, the first to appear was José Fernando Ortega and finally left San Juan de Dios de Ciempozuelos (San Juan de Dios de Ciempozuelos) Psychiatric Center, where he has been trying to get rid of drug addiction for four years. For him, this will be the beginning of a new life. Move to Madrid, Wedding and with his daughter.

Michu, José Fernando and Ortega Cano, baptism / Gtres
Michu, José Fernando and Ortega Cano, baptism / Gtres

but also With his release, the silent party gained a say Because Rocío Jurado’s son has completely separated from the family breakdown between his sister and other family members. He never stood on either side. He admires his sister Gloria, who has been protecting him for a long time, but has never spoken badly or opposed Rocío Carrasco. Your wedding will cause double checks.

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