Jorge Pérez describes his “sexual tension” with Alba Carrillo


Jorge Perez He has faced his harsh reality after a most hectic weekend. The appearance of the video that shows the intimate encounter that she had with Alba Carrillo He has jeopardized his marriage to the mother of his four children. In the television circles, nothing else is talked about and those involved in this gruesome plot are giving their versions. The former Civil Guard has sat on the set of It’s already noon where he has not shied away from any question, assuming the responsibility and damage caused to his wife, without throwing balls out.

The chronicles of the moment have used different tones, from flirting to talking about betrayal or infidelity. The former Civil Guard says that “cataloging it is the least of it”, but when they ask him to define it, he expresses himself clearly: “It’s fooling around out of hand but that does not stop being an absolute lack of respect towards my wife ». However, as he exposed this past weekend, he continues with his version: «I am devastated. But I keep on that there is no kiss I don’t care about the images because they can confuse, I understand that they generate doubts, but I who have lived it… there is no kiss, there is no snogging. There may be lip crossings », she points out.

Jorge Pérez, in the ‘Fresh’ / Mediaset

The worst save in all history has been Alicia Peña. Jorge Pérez’s wife has said on her social networks that she will give her opinion when she gathers the strength to do so. Seeing the father of her four children in such an affectionate attitude with Alba Carrillo has been “very painful for her,” according to Jorge Pérez. “It’s wrong because we have built something wonderful together for 13 years. We have had problems that we have solved together, but it is painful to see How have I been able to throw all that to the ground or generate such great pain in a fundamental person in my life», he laments. Jorge acknowledges that it will not be easy to win the forgiveness of his wife: «Undoubtedly there is a very big wound that must be healed and then there will be a scar that will have to be watched. I don’t understand this anger because there are people who are waiting to see how they put my bags on the street and how they throw me out », he complains.

Alba Carrillo, before entering the Unicorn / Gtres party
Alba Carrillo, before entering the Unicorn / Gtres party

Who was the winner of survivors He has dared to talk about Alba Carrillo: «Here we all know her. She is an extroverted, crazy woman… »and he does not consider that she had premeditation when she said that she did not care about flirting with married men. However, one of the most outstanding moments of her intervention in the Fresh It has been when he wanted to clarify the nature of his good harmony with the collaborator before martha lopez Y Miguel Angel Nicholaswho were also present there.

Jorge Pérez assumes that “it would be hypocritical on my part not to say that the person I spent the most time with at the party was Alba.” But he wanted to make it clear that “I went to my house in Cabify and it did not go beyond what is seen in the images.” For her part, Feliciano López’s ex went to sleep at the home of Marta López, who says that «Jorge was going to take Alba and me home because we live in the same area but in the end not. I took Alba and took her in a taxi because there was a time when nothing was done there anymore… », she began by saying.

For his part, Nicolás has made it clear that the rest of the classmates were witnesses of what was happening: «Marta told me to talk to them but I think they were two adults who know what is going on. They were the talk of the party and we told them they were being recorded.” «They were not aware of what we were seeing all over the world, they thought they had it under control and that they were joking but they conveyed that they were fooling around all the time and that could end in something much worse, “said López.

Jorge Pérez: “Between Alba and I there is chemistry, a mischievous relationship”

Finally, Jorge Pérez wanted to make something very clear: «Throughout the weekend there has been talk that Alba Carrillo and I have sexual tension. Watch out. I want to clarify this because between her and I there has been a special chemistry, a mischievous relationship. On the part of the two there has never been sexual tension. Because if we label it that way it seems that it is not resolved. But Marta López was not convinced: «You have been playing for a year, Jorge, a year doing this on cameras and you both played”:


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