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After an atypical year, but full of work, Jorge Javier Vazquez Have been able to enjoy a long-awaited holiday. “Back to school” is still a few weeks away, so the Mediaset star host will soon rejoin, although he has not yet returned to the set of his second hometown, Telecinco. The author of “A Serious Life” is enjoying one of his greatest passions, which is travel, even though, as he recognized in the “Reading” blog, the pandemic ruined his desire to see the world. «I travel because it makes me feel alive. I think I have lost the fantasy of traveling.During the time we have been locked up I’m used to staying at home Stop dreaming about idyllic beaches or cities. The pandemic killed my curiosity,” he said.

However, he seems to have regained his motivation to travel to any corner of the map. Thanks to his latest post on Instagram, we have been able to see his disconnection these days.And, most importantly, he can’t help but do traditional Posing every summerIn one of the snapshots published by Jorge, it can be seen from behind that he is not wearing any clothes, with the sea in the background. “I know you are expecting it,” he wrote, and humor is one of his characteristics.

“I can’t miss it… this is what Mariah Carey did at Christmas,” commented her project partner Omar Suarez. “Good view, when will you be back?” Cielo Garcia CortezIn another photo, the host looks tanned because he is not wearing a shirt posing in front of the mirror in the room he lives in.

His most complicated summer

On June 23, the “Save Me” universe mourned the death of one of its great collaborators, Mila Ximénez. This reporter has been battling lung cancer in the year since she was diagnosed with lung cancer. Jorge Javier Vázquez was hit hard because they are good friends and have endless trust. Alba Santana, the correspondent’s daughter, called the host so that he could say goodbye to her. “Mom wants to see you. As soon as possible, Jorge, because this is going very fast…», he said.

“I think I’ve got used to the idea of ​​Mila leaving for months. When I said goodbye to her I realize how bad i am. For me, saying goodbye to her is a kind of luck. She made me reconcile with life. The chaos and despair that were once are now bright. I want to live. I haven’t had this energy for a long time. I don’t know what happened when I saw her, but she gave me a lot of peace,” Vazquez admitted in “Save Me”.

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