Jorge Javier Vázquez charges mercilessly against Paz Padilla


Jorge Javier Vázquez has spoken openly about the relationship he maintains with peace padilla. It is necessary to remember that, at the beginning of 2022, the presenter left Save me after a strong encounter with Belén Esteban. The one from Paracuellos called “irresponsible” to the comedian for her statements in a video in which she appeared with Anne Igartiburu and Maria del Monte. A conversation in which Padilla assured that “vaccines are useless.” However, in situ, Paz had the opportunity to explain herself, but her justifications did not serve the nickname as Princess of the people

Paz Padilla and Jorge Javier Vázquez on Telecinco / Telecinco

It was at that moment, when Paz Padilla left the space that he was presenting in substitution of Jorge Javier Vázquez live. After what happened, the chain took action. “Mediaset España decided to terminate the current contract with Paz after breaching her obligation as a presenter, having abandoned the program Save me an hour and a half before its completion on January 20,” he said in a letter.

peace padilla
Paz Padilla in a photocall / Gtres

Since then, Paz Padilla has not been seen again in the corridors of the Fuencarral chain. Now, Jorge Javier Vázquez has been one of the protagonists of the podcast entitled Dear Hatter, hosted by Malbert, to promote his book Before oblivion.

In conversation (which is available from this December 7 on Podimo) with the content creator, the presenter did not cut himself off when talking about Paz Padilla. In a preview of this interview, it has been possible to see how the youtuber asks the guest if there is “good vibes” with the author of The humor of my life. “Me I have no relationship with Paz Padilla. Let’s go, nor do I want to have it nor am I interested in having it”, he replied, once again showing off his usual sincerity.

Jorge Javier Vázquez, on set / Mediaset
Jorge Javier Vázquez, on set / Mediaset

In this same advance, another part of the talk has been made public, in which the driver of Sálvame has indicated: «you have to be badhuh?” The interviewer added: «Bad is little. But hey, everything falls under its own weight. He’s going to meet another one downstairs. A kiss, Peace». In a humorous tone, Vázquez has said that “hey, leave me out of trouble And when does this come out, at Christmas? Touch your balls, in times of love and company ». Malbert has added: Of course, the little gift».

Now we have to wait to see the entire conversation and if, for her part, Paz Padilla reacts to Jorge Javier Vázquez’s words that she is not interested in or wants to maintain any link that could unite her.


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