Jorge Javier on Tamara Falcó: ‘Your image crisis is three pairs of noses’


Jorge Javier Vazquez Strong attack on Tamara Falco through the pages of the magazine front desk speech Started against her a few weeks ago. It all started with a speech by the Marchioness at the World Congress of Families in Mexico, in which she spoke about sexuality the media presenter simply disliked. He’s been leaving pills on her ever since, but now he’s expanded.

Jorge returns to battle after publishing open letter after calling her a ‘hypocrite’ reading. The communicator begins by saying, “I have realized that Tamara doesn’t interest me anymore, my mind cancels her at least for a while». The biggest criticism came when he pointed out that “he has an image crisis with three pairs of noses, and he doesn’t seem to fix it”. Here’s Vazquez’s reaction to a statement Isabel Pressler’s daughter posted on her Instagram following the controversy on the other side of the pond.

Jorge Javier Vázquez did not get the explanation he gave Anthill: “It’s not a statement, it’s a lukewarm combination of words because they’re empty,” he said. The host asked two of Falcó’s best known gay friends, Boris Izaguirre and Juan Avellaneda, to turn against him. The first did it.Jorge believes that “Tamara cannot brush past extremist groups that want everything back to the way it was before.. Like that hypocritical Spain that censors any suggestion of liberty ».

Tamara Falcó in ‘El Hormiguero’ / Gtres

We must remember what Tamara Falcó said in Mexico “We’re living in a very complex time as a human being, with so many different types of sexuality, so many different types of places where evil can be done, and I don’t think it’s as evident in other generations, also Not too pretty.”

Bad Moments for Jorge Javier Vazquez

For Jorge Javier Vázquez, this uncompromising attack on Tamara Falcó came at just the right time.account on the page of the magazine have been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea Therefore, he had to sleep with a machine to breathe properly: «Sleep seriously bloated me (…) I couldn’t continue snoring like I did now». Before his diagnosis, he had said: “I have a virus that they are trying to identify, I guess since the holidays. Yeah, I’m not the best. Indeed, I haven’t had a drink for three months. ” He has also been heavily criticized for his extreme stance, he said on social networks Rossio Carrasco.

Jorge Javier Vázquez in
Jorge Javier Vázquez in “Save Me” / Telecinco

On top of that, there’s been a low audience for several months help me. After dinner shows failed to raise audience numbers.As if that wasn’t enough, they had to admit a few days ago that they beat Cayetano Martinez de Irujo in court, the latter told looks totally “Victory for the whole society”.


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