Jorge Javier: from not putting up with Rocío Carrasco to becoming her BFF


“He was a soul in pain, a person who bored me to death”, This is how Jorge Javier Vázquez saw Rocío Carrasco before she became the protagonist of Mediaset after coming to light Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive and later In the name of Rocio, two docuseries that have been a resounding success and through which viewers have been able to discover the other part of the story. A story that, at first, did not interest the visible face of Save mealthough now seems to have changed his mind.

In full promotion of his latest book, before oblivion, Jorge Javier has given one of his most sincere interviews with Malbert, in which he has not only commented on his true relationship with Paz Padilla since his sudden dismissal from Mediaset, but also how his friendship with the daughter of ‘the greatest’ began, which at first could not stand at all. And it is that, it should be noted that, for more than two decades, Fidel Albiac’s wife has maintained her silence while her ex-husband, Antonio David Flores, repeated her truth over and over again on the different sets of TV.


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“One of Rocío’s mistakes was to be silent,” said the presenter, who considers that not having shown his face before has led him to form an erroneous idea of ​​his person. And it is that, being silent for so many years It has not been an easy job for the daughter of Pedro Carrasco, because he has seen how speculation has been made on his behalf without being able to defend himself. After gaining strength and attaching all the necessary evidence, the television company stepped forward and told its truth. But it has been many years that the subject of him has been discussed on the small screen in the most frivolous way, a mistake that Jorge Javier himself admits to having carried out: “I admit that, as a professional, I was not up to it. I wasn’t interested in the story, I disconnected because I didn’t understand anything at all”.

Jorge Javier Vázquez interviewing Rocío Carrasco in 2016 / Gtres

However, after the docuseries came to light, the presenter completely changed his vision and positioned himself next to Rocío Carrasco, becoming not only one of her fundamental supports, but also her closest friend. “We talk every morning, we catch up on our lives,” he has opened up. In fact, it was he who took charge of the first chapter of the truth of the daughter of Rocío Jurado, later handing over the witness into the hands of Carlota Corredera, another of her faithful defenders.

Jorge Javier Vázquez and Rocío Carrasco in the theater / Gtres
Jorge Javier Vázquez and Rocío Carrasco in the theater / Gtres

“Rocío, this is coming to an end. You have told us on many occasions how important this program has been for you and what the whole team behind it has meant, what they have supported you, how good you have felt here. The time has come for us too to tell you how important and special you have been to all of us. (…) I am convinced that we will continue like this for the rest of our lives. I love you very much Rocío, I want the whole world to know it ”, he declared thus to close the last chapter of In the name of Rocio, making it clear that their friendship will continue over the years.


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