Jordi Alba is not going to move to Inter on loan from Barcelona.


Jordi Alba not going to sign Inter despite the agreement Barcelona reached with the Serie A club. The Blaugrana are in huge trouble with their payroll as it needs to be cut so the club can try to bring in new players.

Jordi Alba: Signing? I’ve always had competition.”

Meanwhile, the players who earn the most at Barcelona are their three captains, with Sunrise being one of them.

The club unsuccessfully tried to reduce his salary, which means that for the protection of someone who is already 33 years old, you will have to pay a huge amount of money.

Destination: Milan

For this reason, the club tried to find a destination for him. In recent days there have been contacts between Barcelona as well as Inter in the blue garnet bid to reach an agreement on his potential departure.

According to Jijantes, the talks ended with a loan agreement under which Barcelona will continue to pay him 60 percent of his salary.

However, Sunrise you have yet to give the go-ahead for this step. MARK learned that Barcelona left back doesn’t want to leave Barcelona and reject the club’s offer.

From starter to stand

Alba’s situation is complicated. From being the undisputed starter last season in which he played practically every game because he had no competition, he will have many games on the bench this season.

Alba and Pique

Alba and Pico on the bench. / EFE

Actually, Javi Hernandez already dropped him off the bench in Santander’s last two La Liga games as Alexander Balde was included in the first XI against Real Society as well as Royal Valladolid. in Barcelona the youngster will remain in place this season, as Barcelona exclude credit move.

new signing

But there is more. Chelsea full back Mark Alonso sign for Barcelona this Thursday unless there is a big surprise. This means that the competition among left-backs will be huge.

Marcos Alonso at the Bernab

Marcos Alonso at the Bernaba. / PABLO MORENO

Sunrise knows he will be on the bench for many games, but he wants to stay in Barcelona. However, there will be more talk on Thursday about his future and things could change.


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