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New York, USA, November 13, 2021

JokerManor is a GameFi aggregator and Launchpad designed to create a metaverse that connects game developers, publishers, gamers, and brands. Developers can launch decentralized games, gamers can play games for free and earn revenue and/or assets (NFT), and brands have the opportunity to market within the ecosystem, gain exposure, and ultimately sell their products and services.

JokerManor announced the token pre-sale on the Canadian Biconomy Exchange Launchpad this week. Users will be able to use USDT and BIT tokens to subscribe to JKT, the native token of JokerManor Metaverse. Those who hold the Biconomy Exchange Token-BIT for 5 days before the pre-sale will be able to purchase JKT from November 15 to November 16, 2021.

The Joker Manor team saw the huge potential of the GameFi Meta Festival. Leading technology company Facebook (NASDAQ?) has changed its name to Meta to reflect its purpose and turn to Metaverse. Therefore, Joker Manor is also moving towards immersing itself in Metaverse and attracting similar projects for its Launchpad. Tokens The sale of on the Biconomy Launchpad is a very important event in the ecological development of the project. JKT holders can use their tokens to implement functions such as secure payment, NFT collection, income farming, and governance voting within the ecosystem.

After the pre-sale on the Biconomy Launchpad, JKT will also be on the PancakeSwap DEX, following further exchanges that include a combination of CEX and DEX.

According to JokerManor, its Metaverse ecosystem consists of five main and very unique functions: Metaverse, NFT, brand marketing and advertising, aggregator solutions, and Launchpad assistance and accelerator services. Ecosystem ethics is very simple, free to play, play to win, players do not need any approval or financial obstacles to start playing games on the platform. They can also get rewards by playing various games, participating in LP pools and using Yield Farming solutions. User-friendliness is another key area. JokerManor is fully compatible with the BSC network. Users can link their existing BSC wallets, browse their favorite Metaverse games, and launch a faster and cheaper gaming experience.

By expanding its core infrastructure, JokerManor is now committed to independently incubating games and cooperating with top GameFi projects to develop the Yuan Festival ecosystem. According to JokerManor, it will officially launch a great, inclusive, and integrated meta-universe game in the third quarter of 2022. Website: Social links: https://twitter .com/joker_manor Contact information: [email protected]

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