Johnson sent soldiers to haul the tanker, but Christmas fears and emotional breakdown


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British government This Wednesday is trying to solve the crisis caused by the shortage of gas stations in the country. The crisis is caused by the shortage of operators, which also affects other departments and threatens the supply of Christmas.

Enterprise Minister Kwasi Kwarteng, In a statement to the BBC network, admitted that in recent days, drivers have queued at gas stations to refuel because they are worried about running out of fuel-which has exacerbated the shortage-“They have been difficult”, but the situation is guaranteed to be “stable”.

In any case, in order to ensure that gasoline reaches the refineries and pumps with sufficient reserves, Prime Minister Executive Officer Boris Johnson prepared Hire military personnel as tank truck drivers “in the next few days”Said the minister.

According to the Conservative government, approximately 150 Army drivers are ready to take on these functions, and the dealer director believes Portland Fuel“May produce more panic,” he said, “the worst period of the crisis has passed.”

Job vacancies in multiple fields

In order to attract operators-estimated to have a deficit of 100,000-the administration has approved the grant 5,000 temporary visas Foreign workers, but experts believe that this does not solve the problem, because the entire Europe also needs, skilled professionals have better choices.

According to data from the recruitment company Indeed, UK job vacancies in this and other areas continue to increase, as of September 24, an increase of 28.5% from February 1, 2020 before the pandemic.

The hotel industry and the retail industry as a whole have warned that if the government does not relax the immigration regulations introduced after Brexit in order to be able to hire community members, Christmas supplies and services will be affected.

In a statement issued yesterday, Johnson, who was defeated in the opinion polls due to his handling of the fuel crisis, emphasized that “the necessary preparations are being made for a wonderful Christmas and beyond, not only in terms of the supply of gas stations, but also in all aspects. Aspects of the supply chain”.

Labour Party leader Kil Stammer He accused him of letting the country “collapse from one crisis to another.”

Rising prices and worse service

Simon Wolfson, the chief executive of the fashion company Next-who is supporting the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU)-warned today that a shortage of personnel will hinder their deliveries during the holiday season and expects prices to be rise.

He asked the government to “protect the economy” and take “A decisive way to solve the technical talent crisis” Open the door for foreigners to work in “warehouses, restaurants, hotels, nursing homes and temporary departments”.

Chief Executive Officer British hospitality industry -Restaurant and hotel group-, Kate NicholsUrged him to relax travel restrictions on the UK, simplify the immigration bureaucracy, and introduce it in areas such as the “new crown virus recovery visa” he provided to carriers.

“It is clear that there are not enough workers in our labor market to fill all positions,” said Nichols, who warned that without more decisive measures, many industries will remain “vulnerable” during the Christmas holidays.


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