Johnson, against the ropes: 15 ‘Conservatives’ question his leadership and demand internal motion


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Conservative MP Nick Gibb confirmed on Saturday that he had asked Oppose Internal Confidence Motion Boris Johnsonbrought in 15 MPs from the ruling party who openly revealed they wanted to vote future prime minister.

in an article daily telegraphGibb said the Conservative Party, which has 360 seats in the House of Commons, must “face the stark reality”. “To restore confidence, we have to change the prime minister‘, wrote.

The veteran “conservative” argued it was “hard to see” Johnson using his Parties at his official Downing Street residence and office in 2020 and 2021against restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

Gibb added that voters in his constituency Bognor Regis and Littlehampton (south of England) were “outraged at the double standard the government appears to be applying”.

So far, 15 “Conservative” representatives have revealed that they have written to Graham Brady, chairman of the 22 Committee’s executive committee, asking him to organise a Internal Confidence Motion for Leadersif he loses, he will have to resign as head of government and government and be replaced by a colleague selected in the primary.

To initiate this vote, Brady must have received 54 petitions (15% of the parliamentary panel), which are counted in secret, so the total number sent so far is unknown, although it will certainly be higher than those 15 .

Although there are many Discontent within the Conservative Partynot all delegates felt it would be appropriate to call the motion in the short term, because if he wins, Johnson will be free to face another motion until twelve months have passed.

Some are waiting to see if any government ministers, notably Economy Minister Rishi Sunak – who is seen as a possible replacement for chief minister – take the first step in breaking down the hierarchy to ensure a smoother process.

Gibb’s announcement comes in a difficult week for Johnson, after Five members of his closest circle of collaborators resign.

The most painful and politically significant was Munira Mirza, a loyal adviser since London’s mayor, who left the executive branch on Thursday in protest of Johnson’s resignation of Labour’s opposition leader base. False allegations made by Keir Starmer.

On the other hand, newspapers daily mirror Among the 300 photos of the Downing Street party analysed by police was one of Johnson’s birthday celebration on June 19, 2020, which he argued was just a pause in work, with a can of Estrella, it was reported on Saturday. Beer in hand.

police investigation Twelve parties attended by Downing Street staffPeople including the Prime Minister and his wife Carrie were able to break restrictions imposed by the health crisis, which are punishable by fines. Politically, an indictment of Johnson would show he misled Parliament.


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