Johnson admits that shortages may last until Christmas


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British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, Today reluctantly admitted that the shortages suffered by the UK may last until Christmas, but reiterated that it will not resort to “uncontrolled immigration” to solve these problems.

In an interview with the BBC, Johnson took a defensive attitude towards the question of Andrew Marr, one of the most curious interviewers on the public network, and tried to remain unscathed on the day the Conservative Party held its annual congress in Manchester. (Northern England).

When asked about some statements from the Minister of Economy, Rich SunakHe did not rule out a supply crisis until Christmas, and the prime minister replied: “Rishi is always right.”

For Johnson, the problems suffered by the British economy and the problems that may cast a shadow over Parliament are a response to the “adjustment period” of the labor market after Brexit and the rapid recovery after the epidemic.

“What we are seeing is the pressure and tensions experienced by the fastest-growing economies in the G7,” Johnson insisted time and time again to remove iron from crises in various sectors.

Lack of labor

this Special forces have noticed a shortage in recent days At the gas station in the country, No access to fuel due to lack of truck drivers, But there is also a shortage of food in supermarkets.

The previous lack of labor from other EU countries has also raised concerns among farmers, who may be forced to slaughter tens of thousands of livestock There is a shortage of slaughterhouse workers.

Johnson defended his country’s withdrawal from the European Union by not having to resort to low-wage workers, thereby forcing the company to pay employees higher wages.

Johnson said: “The way forward is not to influence uncontrolled immigration, but to allow large numbers of people to enter,” he alluded to the strict restrictions on EU citizens obtaining work visas in the UK.

“For decades, we have relied on hardworking people mainly from EU member states who are willing to do these jobs with low salaries, which is why they are not attractive now,” he added.

The Prime Minister insisted The specific problem of gas stations is the increase in demand due to the “call effect” This led to fuel shortages for drivers, and recalled that the shortage of truck drivers affected other countries such as the United States, China or Poland.

No more taxes

The “Conservative Party” leader must also be responsible for his decision to raise social donations to fund public health, which he completely excluded from the election plan.

He argued that he must face an epidemic-he defines it as a “fiscal meteorite”-forcing the country to make an unprecedented effort to allocate 407 million pounds (475 million euros), and was therefore “forced” to act You won’t want it.

“I don’t want to increase more taxes,” Johnson said, but he does not rule out that if the national treasury needs it to pay the huge debts accumulated by the pandemic, he can do so.

He added: “In terms of unnecessary taxes, there is no greater opponent than me, but we have to deal with the pandemic.”

The Prime Minister also argued that wages have risen at an unprecedented rate, and interviewers questioned this when recalling the National Bureau of Statistics warning that inflation growth exceeded wage growth last quarter, resulting in a decline in purchasing power.

Johnson will conclude the “Conservative Party” conference with a classic speech before the belligerent next Wednesday. He is expected to elaborate on his plan to “rebalance” the country, which is what he hopes to transform into the second part of the greatest term of office. Axis.A weapon to consolidate the party’s progress in the north of England


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