Johnny Depp returned to the small screen as a pirate, but not Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp put on his pirate clothes again.

The last time we all saw Johnny Depp wear pirate custom was in 2017.

However, he didn’t dress to act like Jack Sparrowthe character that made Depp famous among a thousand-year-old audience.

Depp didn’t star in a new movie or series, he appeared in video game advertisement.

What video game is Johnny Depp promoting?

The 58-year-old actor starred in a new commercial Sea of ​​DawnFree pirated MMORPG developed by Changyou.

According to, the video game was released in 2007. In her base 300 million users.

What does Depp’s new pirate look like?

In the video, Johnny appears as an eccentric Irish pirate named Philip Arturos.

Depp wears regular pirate outfit fit into his character. As we can see, Philip Artush seems to older than Jack Sparrow.

Artush has white eyes and uses a cane to walk, which fits the characteristics of an older person.

During the commercial, we see how Philip is at home, resting, when he is suddenly visited by a collector.

Philip Artush tells him some stories from his past with Depp’s characteristic humor.

“If there is an opportunity to joke, I will take it. I want to see a character who has the audacity to do something that I would never do, ”Depp said behind the scenes of the commercial.

Johnny Depp to return as Jack Sparrow?

Depp considered Amber Heard damaged his reputation as an actor after writing an article that led to a second lawsuit, now in the United States.

The jury found that Amber Heard slandered Johnny Deppand the opportunity to return as Jack Sparrow in the new saga of Pirates of the Caribbean increased.

However, Disney has not confirmed that Depp will return to the set.

And the same actor mentioned during the trial that he would not be acting as Jack Sparrow more. Even for 300 million dollars.


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