Johnny Depp may be dressed up as an iconic MTV character in the next Video Music Awards


Johnny Depp has been in the news ever since his defamation trial versus Amber Heardand now he’s in the news again, but this time as a surprise character on the Music Television network.

According to TMZ, Johnny Depp is rumored to be playing with the idea of ​​appearing dressed as the iconic Moon-person, like the one from the first broadcast of the network.

Depp has won a total of 5 MTV Movie Awards throughout the years, he won Best Villain, Best Male Performance, Global Superstar, and the Generation award. Now he will participate as part of the show.

MTV Awards impact

The VMAs have had one of the most coveted award statues in contemporary music history. Ever since the 80s, Music Television’s recognition has been a symbol of success, most prominently in past decades than today, but it still is awarded to the best in the music biz.

They collaborated with many artists

The MTV awards have made history for their coverage of young music, giving the spotlight to other genres that were not being played on traditional open television.

MTV meant album sales

They were there when glam rock came and went, in the birth and death of grunge, and they definitely played a major role in the popularity of hip hop and the shaping of modern culture. If you’d win an MTV award it meant that your record sales were through the roof and there were more coming.

Johnny Depp shows off new tattoo on his arm: What did he get done?

Star-studded events

Everybody who was anybody has been there Michael Jackson, madonna, Dr. Dre,Tupac, snoop dogg, Notorious Big,Nirvanametallica, Pearl Jam,Rage Against the Machine Beyonce and many, many more.

Why is the Moon-person the statue?

In the first ever broadcasting of the channel, they showed a rocket going out into space, and then a moon-person (used to be a Moonman) placing an MTV flag on the moon.


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