Johnny Depp: Is the actor flirting with Camilla Vasquez?


In recent weeks, during The libel trial in which Johnny Depp confronted his ex-wife Amber Heardmany people involved in the legal battle between the actors have come to the fore, including one of the lawyers for the Pirates of the Caribbean star, Camille Vasquez.

Vazquez stood out among Depp’s legal team with her brutal strategy of cross-examining Heard, which put the actress in a difficult position, although many users who are aware of the lawsuit watched the interaction between the lawyer and the actor for several weeks. about the constant flirting between them.

Camilla Vasquez’s work during the trial

One of the most talked about exchanges came when Vasquez asked Hurd about the $7 million donation she had previously pledged to the ACLU.

Hurd received the amount in a divorce from 58-year-old Depp, but promised to donate every penny to the organization; however, Vasquez noted that she has yet to do so.

When Vasquez asked Hurd “whether she donated $7 million, donated, not promised, to charity,” Hurd replied, “I use the words ‘deposit’ and ‘donation’ with each other. This is the same”.

The lawyer counters: “I don’t use it as a synonym.” Hurd then argued that paying out on time, rather than all at once, was “how donations are made”, but Vasquez stated, “With all due respect, that’s not my question.”

Explicit flirting between Depp and Vasquez

However, the interaction between the lawyer and Depp during the defamation trial against Heard has been described as obvious by people who follow every moment, speculating about the nature of their relationship and whether they share more intimate moments in addition to those that were seen in the film. courtroom.

However, other versions claim that this way of interaction between the actor and his lawyer is nothing more than part of the strategy of Depp’s legal team to minimize Heard’s efforts to destroy the image of the main character of films such as Edward Scissorhands.

Johnny Depp’s flirting with his lawyer is deliberate

One body language expert says Depp’s courtroom relationship with Vasquez is a plan to gain leverage over Heard in their ongoing legal battle.

“When someone tries to clear their name in court, the behavior of their legal teams and how they interact with them will send very strong non-verbal messages to the jury, and in a case of this size, to the rest of the world. body language expert Judy James told the Daily Mail.


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