Johnny Depp fans have started selling President Camilla Vazquez’s 2024 merchandise


Camille Vasquez new sensation after the second test between Johnny Depp as well as Amber Heard.

Euphoria and followers gained Camille VasquezJohnny Depp’s lawyer during the defamation trial against Amber Heard made fans start dreaming.

Johnny Depp fans started selling merchandise promoting VAskes’ candidacy in 2024.

Supporters of the actor printed the phrase “Camille Vazquez for President or “Vasquez 2024” on T-shirts, caps and other items.

How much do they cost?

According to TMZ, t-shirts Price $8.50.

While guys sell at a much higher price, retailing for 30 dollars each.

Camille expressed she has no interest in running for office. However, she has become a famous person in the celebrity world.

Popularity of Camilla Vasquez:

Camille Vasquez became a real celebrity when she successfully represented the interests of Johnny Depp.

The actor was very attached to his lawyer, which gave rise to rumors of a romance between them.

A few weeks ago, in an interview conducted by Raoul de Molinahe spoke about hugging Depp in court.

“Of course I did (hug him) he is my friend, but first he my client, and he went through something very difficult, Vasquez commented.

“I love my clients very much and I am Spanish. I love hugging and touching peoplenot kisses, but I hug him because he needed it.

She also said that this summer the actor invited her to Europe with him.

“Hopefully this summer I will be in Europe where he will play. Then he told me: “If you want, I will come and look at him,” she said in a conversation with Univision.


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