Johnny Depp celebrates latest victory over Amber Heard by releasing new album with court-inspired songs


HeyIt’s only been a month since Johnny Depp as well as Amber Heard took part in one of the most popular tests in recent memory.

As a result, the jury stood on Deppwho said he felt “relieved” and “free” after the verdict and that he was “looking forward” to getting away from the ordeal.

heard did not share these sentiments, as she criticized her former partner and even tried to get the sentence overturned.

At that time, Depp reappeared on stage with a friend Jeff Beck during his tour of the United Kingdom.

Time on the road clearly inspired Deppas the couple will be releasing a collaborative song on July 15 in which the actor makes reference to the recent trial.

The song “This is a song for Miss Hedy Lamarr” is one of two Depp originals that will be included in the album “18”. Beck says this song is one of the reasons he wanted to collaborate with Depp.

The song leaves little to the imagination when it comes to the actor’s feelings for Heard, with lines such as “This is a song for Miss Hedy Lamarr erased by the same world that made her a star.”

In another song titled “Sad Motherf-in’ Parade”, the lyrics include: “If I told me it wouldn’t get to your hand… You’re sitting there like a dog with a seven year itch… And I think that you said enough for one fucking night.

The album title “18” comes from Depp as well as Beck joke, that’s how old they feel when they go on stage.


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