John Terry wants a minority stake in Chelsea


Tfuture Chelsea remains somewhat unclear, especially regarding the timing of the submission of offers to buy the club from Roman Abramovich passed on Friday afternoon, but now it seems that John Terry is going to buy a minority stake in the club, which he represented as captain.

Like a figurehead on the field Chelseathe most successful era in the history of the club, Terry maintains a close relationship with the club and its supporters, and he hopes to take advantage of this connection and get a 10 per cent stake in the club.

Leading the True Blues Consortium, Terry reportedly wants to allow fans to buy fan tokens in exchange for voting rights, as stated in The Daily Mail. Chelsea supporters will be able to buy these tokens for around £100, although it is not clear what they will be allowed to vote for.

Terry cannot afford to fund a full takeover bid as the price of the entire club is around €2.5bn, but the True Blues Consortium hopes to raise enough for a 10% stake.

Thanks to his positive relationship with the club, one of the most problematic hurdles has already been overcome by the former England international, and his proposal has received the backing of the confidence of the club’s supporters and Chelsea pitch owners, who are an integral part of the future. Development at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea has been such an important part of my life for 22 years.” Terry explained.

“I want the history and legacy of the club to be protected as we enter a new era with like-minded people who share the same long-term vision of building the best football club in the world. We understand how important our DNA is.”


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