Joel Embiid 76s Lose to Organized Miami Heat


Miami Heat currently not Jimmy Butler or Tyler Herrowho were both on the injury list against Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday. The home team still have problems with Ben Simmons, which is approaching exit from the lineup. With the current line-up Philadelphia I can only count on Joel Embiid play them as best you can. This evening was difficult for him, especially knowing that he was faced with not the best possible Miami Heat squad… With nights like this Sixers far from the team they aim to make the playoffs.

Without Butler or Herro, players love Duncan Robinson (21 points), Gabe Vincent (26 points), Dwayne Deadmond (14 rebounds) or even P.J. Tucker (12 points) had to come up to save the team. They all scored points when the team needed it the most and managed to tame 76ers‘crime led by Embiid… Eventually Philadelphia The star has just 17 points and 14 rebounds. Tyrese Maxi was the top scorer of the game with 27 points, but was unable to prevent the defeat of his team.

What’s next for the 76ers and the Miami Heat?

After today’s loss Philadelphia 76ers dropped to 15-14 records and played one of the toughest games on Thursday against Brooklyn nets… The Heat climbed to a 17-12 record and is off Thursday. Then they visit Florida play against on friday Orlando magic… After this game Philadelphia may have to rethink their strategy if they want to get back on the winning path when faced with Networks on Thursday. Play against the hardest team inside Eastern Conference there will be experience.

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