Joe Rogan slams trans swimmer Leah Thomas: ‘Women are so upset’


TI have criticism transgender swimmer Leah Thomas, which competes in collegiate athletics against cisgender women, is unabated. at first it was Florida Governor Ron DeSantisthen it was Caitlyn Jennerwho publicly declared himself transgender in April 2015, and now Joe Roganturn.

Rogan took part in his “JRE” podcast to, along with his guest comedian Yannis Pappasask tough questions Thomas’ Presence and Impact on Women’s Swimmingas well as all sports.

“What we have now is not good. What we have now is an attack on women’s sports. 1 as a woman a year later. And rightfully so,” Rogan said on his show.

Thomas’ transition from competing with men to causing controversy

To recall, Thomas, 20, began her male-to-female transition in 2019 while undergoing testosterone suppression therapy, which allowed the NCAA to declare the swimmer eligible to compete in women’s track and field at the University of Pennsylvania, even having already won an NCAA title. .

“Women or parents are so upset. If your daughter is competing and they are competing with a trans woman, it’s just not fair. It’s just not fair. , there are outliers, and then there is biological evil. It goes beyond emissions,” Rogan said.

Restrictions for the transgender community in sports

For a comedian and podcast host, recognition of the transgender community in sports should be acceptable, but with certain limitations.

“It’s interesting, because in all other aspects of society, a person can become transgender and change their name, and we all quite accept this.

“People are most repulsed by sports. Sport competitions. That’s where the real resistance is. Where people are like, “Hey, what the fuck? It’s not fair. This is clearly unfair.” There’s a reason we have a distinction between men’s and women’s sports,” Rogan said.

“Perhaps this is the straw that will break the back of society’s camel,” he added.


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