Joe Montana refuses to call Tom Brady an NFL jerk

I amIf you ask any new generation quarterback, Tom Brady is indisputable GOAT v NFL. Awards and numbers all in place: 10 played super bowls and 7 rings with 4 Super Bowl MVPs awards have been won. Brady has just retired and the debate is just getting started. One of the greatest quarterbacks in history is none other than Joe Montanabefore many considered him a goat Tom Brady They came together. quadruple Super Bowl The champion has an impressive resume under his belt, but Tom came along and left him completely in the dust. It can be said that he could only be mad at Tom for ruining the impressive legacy he left behind in his retirement.

Per Tom Brady, Montana has always been a role model. In fact, he always dreamed of someday playing for San Francisco 49ers as a tribute to one of his idols, but this never happened. With Joe mountainBrady’s latest statements probably won’t put Joe on a pedestal like he’s done for so many years. To the question about GOAT debate, one would think that Montana would intervene in the conversation. But he’s smart enough to say that Tom Brady is the undisputed GOATright? Well, Joe recently spoke about his choice and his answer is definitely what we all callhot take‘. Montana compared Brady to the late great Otto Graham but he made a mistake in his collection.

Fact Check Joe Montana.

During an interview with Andre McCarthy, Montana gave me my five cents GOAT debate. For some reason I indicated Graham won 11 championships before the Super Bowl era, but we need to check his facts. Graham played 10 finals and won 7 of them, as did Brady. That’s what mountain said, “Well obviously Tom had an amazing career. The hardest thing is trying to compare eras. I mean like this, Super Bowl 56. NFL exists for about 100 years. There was a guy back Otto Grahamhaving won 11 championships before super bowls. I mean, the game was so different that the ball might not even have been the same shape back then. If you look at him, it’s just hard to compare guys.”


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