Joe Biden’s unlikely plan to allow abortion in the US

Pa citizen Joe Biden said on Sunday that he was considering announcing public health emergency free up federal resources to promote access to abortion despite White House said it didn’t seem like a “great option”.

He also sent a message to people affected by Supreme Court ruling last month, which struck a blow, ended the constitutional right to abortion and sparked a series of demonstrations across the country:

Biden: abortion decision ‘sad day’ for court and country

Words by Joe Biden

“Keep protesting. Keep defending your point of view. This is vital,” Joe Biden said. “I don’t have the authority to say we’re going to rebuild Rowe vs. Wade like the law of the land,” he said, meaning 1973 Supreme Court decision established the nation’s right to abortion.

Biden spoke to reporters during a bike ride stop near his family’s home. Delaware beach house. He explained that he does not have the authority to bind more than a dozen states with severe restrictions.

Comprehensive measure

Thus, Congress will have to make significant changes to guarantee this right, but in order to have a better chance in the future, voters will have to elect more legislators who support access to abortion.

Biden said his administration is trying to do “a lot of things for women’s rights” after the ruling, such as his idea of ​​declaring a public health emergency to free up federal resources. This step was supported by the defenders. However, the White House questioned both its legitimacy and effectiveness, and noted that it would almost certainly run into legal problems.

Ineffective measure?

The president said he asked officials “to find out if I have the authority to do this and what impact it will have.” However, on Friday, Jen Klein, director White House Council on Gender Policysaid it “doesn’t seem like a great option”.

“When we looked at the public health emergency, we learned a couple of things: First, it doesn’t free up a lot of resources. This is what is in the public health emergency fund, and there is very little money, tens of thousands of dollars. So it didn’t seem like a great option. And it also doesn’t free up a significant amount of legal power. And that’s why we haven’t taken that action yet.” Jen Klein said.


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