Joe Biden went viral after falling off his bike


PUS resident Joe Biden got a little humiliated this week, and not for anything political. Instead, he fell off his bike.

BidenThe 79-year-old man is in Rehoboth Beach, where he spends the weekend with his wife. Jill Bidenand, taking advantage of the good weather, went for a walk with her and other members of the secret service.

As he stopped to greet some neighbors, he had an accident where he was unable to carefully remove his foot from the pedals. As a result, he could not resist and fell to the ground, and the accident had no consequences.

“I’m fine,” Biden said quickly.

“As the president said, his foot got stuck in the pedal when he dismounted, and he is fine,” US government sources later said.

“He doesn’t need medical attention. The President looks forward to spending the rest of the day with his family.”


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